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Hi my friends! :-) I can see in my statistics that I still have plenty and very loyal visitors checking my blog every day, It really warms my heart I have to say. Thank You! As you can understand, I am not doing well. But I am alive. And in case you wonder.....Chhaya is getting her daily walk, good food and attention. I am neglecting myself but not Chhaya.
So my beloved little MAC laptop Snow Snow (yes, I named my laptop when I first got it) is broken but getting looked over. Not sure if I will get it back repaired or what the outcome will be. I'm a bit sad over that too. The computer expert looking over Snow Snow told me that Snow Snow is sick. Noooooooo!
Yesterday I spent basically all day at my friend Roxy's house, she has a huge amazing art loft with upstairs balconies. We sat outside in the sun and had coffee. Chhaya joined us.

Chhaya loves Roxy's house. It's large, lots of space to explore, move around and chase after toys, a backyard and comfy furniture to enjoy.

We rounded up a nice day with two movies. First we watched Brooklyn a BEAUTIFUL story about a girl, Eilis that leaves Ireland in the 1950s to start a new life in Brooklyn, America.
Her adjusting to the new surroundings and then she falls in love but as love often is, it involved some complications, heartache and difficult decisions. But in the end I think she made the right decision.
There is nothing like true love. If you have it - cherish it. Don't let go of true love thinking that something better might come around or that the grass is greener on the other side because it rarely is. This movie is REALLY good, I loved it and both me and Roxy cried. Tissue definitely came in handy.
I saw many similarities to my own life in this movie. Coming to the US alone and how hard it was in the beginning because I was so homesick and felt so lonely. There is nothing like the comfort of having your family to support you through life's up and downs. If you have family close by consider yourself BLESSED. I am very grateful for my friends here. They say that friends are the family you choose. I think that is very true.
Then we watched Trainwreck . Yes, very fitting title for Amy Schumer's character. That movie was trashy but had it's fun moments.


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Nico on :

Chhaya is so beautiful, her body type looks very similar to my boy R2 . You can really tell how well chhaya is cared for and loved, she really radiates in all your photos of her :-D

Tatiana on :

R2?! You have a pitbull or what kind of a puppy do you have?
Yes, she is loved my baby.

Nico on :

yes he is a pit :-D I love all dogs but pits are my favorite! I got him when I was pregnant with my son, they are both going to be 6 this year!

Tatiana on :

How sweet! I love all dogs too but after meeting my Chhaya and seeing all the cruelty pitbulls endure, my heart beats extra hard for them.

Annette on :

I loooove that pic of Chhaya in the chair!!!!! And I love that you are writing :-)

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