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Desert Sightseeing

Yesterday I had an all day desert sightseeing road trip accompanied by Cindy with Enchanted Eye Photography. She is wonderful, I am glad that we met. We started out around 10 am and headed South towards California. We stopped at Primm (formerly known as State Line) to see if it was even possible to purchase a powerball ticket, the drawing is tomorrow. I'm not really understanding what the exact amount at stake is but from what I read it is a staggering 1.5 billion dollars. Well, then you decide on a lump sum or an annuity and have the pay taxes on the winnings. The line was so long, had we waited I'm sure it would had taken us several hours to get tickets. I know exactly what I would do if I would suddenly ever win or obtain a large amount of money. First of all family and friends. Everybody would get something, cash and/or whatever they might need. Children of friends would get a college fund set up for them with a great annual interest rate. Then I would visit several strip clubs and hand out $1000 or more to every girl. I know the struggle.....I know. Then I would secure my own life and future. And then I would help animals and others in need. My heart would be so happy. One can dream.....right?
So we did not stop and wait in line, instead we continued to Nipton CA where the line for the powerball was long and full of hopefuls. We took some pictures.

Then we continued.......

A tortoise research facility? Sounds interesting.

Cindy spotted an abandoned house in Searchlight.

After a few other detours we finally ended up in Nelson. Believe it or not but I had never been there until yesterday, WOW what a place! Interesting stuff EVERYWHERE and super cool owner/staff. I recommend for everybody to take a road trip to Nelson if you happen to have some spare time when in Vegas, well perhaps not during the scorching Summer months but right now it's perfect to embark on road trips. I could had take hundreds of pictures there but here are a few.

I love old stoves like these.....

Local rattlesnakes in the freezer, in case anyone fancies a snack. If I recall it right there are 12 of them in that bundle.

Me and Cindy.

I had a really nice day yesterday. I am so grateful for the nice and kind people in my life. ♡

Cindy is a GREAT photographer that takes pictures of people in all settings. Whether you want some great shots of yourself, your family or perhaps your wedding......Cindy can capture that memory for you!


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Cindy on :

Yes a great day of shooting in the desert!! The weather, scenery and company were all perfect. :-)

Tatiana on :

I had a wonderful day in your company Cindy.....Thank You!

julia on :

the pictures look awesome !!
maybe we can drive to california one of these days.........

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