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I finally played Backgammon today! I'm so happy! I haven't played since I lived in Sweden and I love playing Backgammon and Chess. A while ago I noticed two guys sitting at Sambalatte playing a lot, I wanted to play too so I asked if i could join in sometime. And today one of them was there when I got my coffee in the morning and he asked me if I wanted to play a game - of course! We played five games. The score? Peter 3, Tati 2. The last one was almost mine but then he got double 6 and that was the end of it. Peter is from Hungary. There might be another game tomorrow.

One more thing about Sambalatte. The other day I found a $100 bill laying on the ground by one of the tables there. I told the barista working at that time and she took the bill. I asked the people around that table if it belonged to them but they said no. I waited a bit to see if somebody would come in and ask for the money. No. Now I'm thinking nobody claimed that money and the two baristas working that afternoon just kept it. Which of course is wrong, since I found it. But I would never keep it if somebody came looking for it, so I thought I did the right thing. I did not even think about it, my first thought was to try and find the owner of the $100. The next day I went back and the barista I gave the money to didn't even mention anything at all about the money. I'm sure she would had not forgotten about it. Plus the day I found the money I paid for my coffee and muffin with a $50 bill. The total was $8.75 and the barista behind the register asked me if I wanted my change. Ummmmm, yes? Why would I tip you over $ 40? And I just handed your co worked a $100 bill that I found on the floor. Rude. I'm going back tomorrow and I will inquire about the money. All of my friends that I asked about this told me I should had kept the money. Looking back at it, yes I should had kept it instead of giving it to some girl I don't even know.


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