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More Of Bend

So after a week in Portland I packed up and continued my journey. I made a stop in Bend, tried a club there too that I liked and where butt plugs were a no no (I asked). I wrote about Bend last month but here is some more of Bend. I loved it there too, I pretty much like it anywhere unless it's absolutely HORRIBLE but come on, I survived sleeping in bug infested trailers in tiny places in South Dakota with no decent coffee for miles. It's about your attitude too. I learned by observing others on my trip through Oregon that being negative in general gets you NOWHERE. Of course I knew that already but sometimes situations and people really put stuff in perspective for you. All I can say is.....I'm glad I'm not like that. Certainly I have bad days once in a while and complain about things but I don't just hate everything and everybody for no reason whatsoever. I don't know how people go through life living like that, good luck with that I guess......anyhow. So Bend.....I guess this place gets many sunshine days and it was mostly sunny when I visited. Sunny and very pretty.

My new favorite coffee shop - Backporch! The latte there was FANTASTIC and they also had something called "Ocean Roll"......oh wow, SO GOOD! I was so impressed with that place. If I lived in Bend I would go there every day.

Tried many coffee shops.

The food in Oregon in general was really good. I ate all my food with great enthusiasm. Clean plates every time.

Found a gorgeous park.

And I found stuff to wear at Burning Man! Did some shopping.

I love Oregon! ❤ It's an amazing place.


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Nico on :

Hello! Neat reading you came through my town. Been reading your blog for a cople years just never got around to commenting (two kids and homeschooling them) but I love you tati!

Tatiana on :

Well Hello! Sweet, I love getting introduced to my readers!
Hugs, Tati

Annette on :

You take some of the best pics....that pic of Chhaya in front of the dog pic is cute and the bridge pic is BEAUTIFUL.

Tatiana on :

I love the dog mural! Great place for a pic.

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