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Well, I'm back in Kenai now. Reunited with Chhaya, my laptop and my bed. I drove to Vegas from Burning Man, it took about nine hours back to Vegas and flew out of there at 11 am today. Let me tell you, as soon as I got off the plane in Anchorage I felt this heavy feeling of sadness and anxiety come over me and my heart actually ached. It is not easy to separate from Burning Man, at least not for me. Maybe I'm crazy, I don't know. I won't be going to sleep and waking up to beats and bass somewhere close by in the background. I feel SOOOOOO SAD! Maybe I will cry a bit more again. Just like the previous times, Burning Man withdrawal is difficult for me.
My baby spent time in the kennel and although she gets great care there I always feel so bad leaving her there. But she seems happy.

Next Burning Man is just around the corner! Kind of......


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mumintrollet on :

" I always feel so bad leaving her there.But she seems happy. "

What do the kennel say about her, are she worried when you're away?

Tatiana on :

I think most dogs get separation anxiety when their human parent leaves, some more than others. Chhaya even knows when I am about to leave for work to be gone for the evening and she doesn't like that either but she is calm about it, no chewing or tearing up stuff while I'm gone.
The kennel tells me she is fine there and she looks healthy when I pick her up but still.....being in a kennel for X amount of days and nights is not the same as being on a few hours play date away from home.

Annette on :

I think you should start writing a book....I don't know what subject but you have a way with words. I think you could even write a book from a dogs perspective :-) BTW I admire you for being proud of your chosen profession!

Tatiana on :

Annette......come to Burning Man next year!

Annette on :


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