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Look at my little rascal. She has to rip out the stuffing in her toys and when she finds the squeaker she tears it up. Her binki teddies that she "nibbies" usually do not meet this fate. She just lays down and kind of sucks on them.
I will put the stuffing back into her toys and sew them back up or throw them out when they are beyond help and get her new ones. I don't care what she does as long as she is happy. She is really good though, she doesn't chew up anything that is not hers......anymore.
When she was a baby she chewed up one of my sandals, a very nice one too. And a pair of my work heels. And a brand new phone, she attacked it and left in in a hundred pieces. And for some reason she picked on the backs of a few photo albums I had, for some reason she really liked them.

Behind the house there is a forest. When we walk there Chhaya always have to search inside a hole that I call "the mousie hole". She is obsessed with small rodents and gets super excited if she is lucky enough to actually catch a glimpse of one.

After a few days of sunshine we had a heavy rainfall here yesterday afternoon.
Accompanied by thunder and lightning. Chhaya's eyes get really round when she hears the thunder and she looks upwards. We took a nap together on the couch, she is the best cuddler.


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Annette on :

Once Jax ate a hole in the wall. When he was a puppy I came home and he was inside his dog food bag :-) I love the pic of Chhaya in the field with wild flowers.
I remember the first time I saw the ocean I was was Pacific Northwest it was loud crashing into the rocks, cold, wet and cloudy. But when I went to Cancun and Hawaii I fell in love with the ocean. Your pics of the ocean are always beautiful. You know just a small pebble makes are no small pebble.

Tatiana on :

I love hearing (reading) from you Annette! :-)
You found Jax inside his food bag? How CUTE! A hole in the wall, perhaps not the most amusing thing to come home to but afterwards when thinking back at such things it's funny.
The ocean looks so different all over, when I think of the Pacific Northwest I picture the Twilight movies when the were at the beach in La Push. Foggy, stormy, mysterious and majestic.
I've seen some gorgeous sunsets in CA and yes the beaches in Hawaii are amazing. I've never been to Mexico but I'm sure Cancun is gorgeous.

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