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This afternoon started as usual. I woke up and looked outside. Was it raining again or perhaps sunshine today? Blue sky and sun after a few days of gray and rain. Nice! I started with taking Chhaya out and laying in the grass for a while, enjoying the sun. Then it was latte time. Have to say that I am a bit disappointed with my regular coffee shop. Since a while now they have been offering a frequent buyer program and I did not find out about that until the other day. I go there several times a week, how difficult would it had been to inform a loyal customer about that? Boooooooo! I could had racked up several free lattes by now. So not cool.
Later in the afternoon I got hit with painful stomach cramps. Awful. What did people do before pills like Pamprin or headache pills? I was very uncomfortable until the Pamprin kicked in about an hour after taking a pill. When I felt better I decided that me and Chhaya would spend some quality time together while it's still flip flop weather out. We went to a nice area that is fun for a walk, lots of pretty fireweed growing there.

Some of the fireweed flowers are tall.

After the walk we went to the beach. As always it is quite majestic there. I often stare at the waves rolling in and wonder if they came all the way from California or even further?
The ocean makes me feel small. So insignificant. After I'm gone the ocean will still be here, my life will be over and long gone, eventually only a faint memory, if even that in somebody's mind but the ocean will still be here......the waves rolling up on the beaches around the world.
Where will I be? Gone forever or somewhere else? The ocean makes me think about life and death. And then I feel sad.

Chhaya went to bed as soon as we got home. She usually wants to play tug in the evening when she has lots of energy but not tonight. I'm ready for sleep myself.


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mandy on :

The ocean makes me think about all the creatures in it that could eat me.
You deserve some complimentary latte's

Tatiana on :

I'm fascinated with deep sea creatures, like those fishes with huge jaws full of sharp teeth and lights dangling from their head.
I DO deserve a few complimentary lattes, I agree! But they have not offered......

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