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Makes No Sense

So this meme is making rounds on the world wide web. I got into a discussion about it yesterday.
FIRST and FOREMOST, it's a MEME! People put up memes on Facebook like it's the absolute truth, it's a meme so it must be true right? Hello......NEWSFLASH! NO. All it is is a meme, nothing else. Although I think discussion is good. I like hearing people's opinions, sometimes I learn something and other times I'm like WTF?!
So whoever made this meme thinks that Heath Ledger as the Joker is a suitable background for the topic, I don't see the connection myself (did not watch the movie, so maybe I'm missing the point) but whatever.
Also whoever made this meme is under the impression that nobody cares that Planned Parenthood supposedly sells aborted fetuses and/or parts of aborted fetuses. I'm pretty sure people do care, I have read a few articles on the subject. Heard it discussed on a radio show and saw at least one petition against Planned Parenthood in this matter. So people care.
BUT Cecil the lion and Planned Parenthood are two completely different issues. I get upset on a daily basis when I read the news and see what people do to each other, animals and the planet we all share. So this meme to me makes no sense.
Why is Cecil the lion important? Well, human beings will cause the extinction of animals (already have) and the demise of this planet (working on it) if we continue the way we do. Most of us are driven by ego, so am I. I am no exception. I want and I need, I consume and I discard. But up until the last day human beings will continue to reproduce like there is no tomorrow. I believe the planet is overpopulated but I guess it doesn't matter, right?
The lion was living in a protected park, he was lured out by bait, shot and injured. Suffered for almost two days and nights before put out of his misery. Beheaded and his body just left rot. Somebody paid a lot of money for this "pleasure". Somebody that takes great pleasure in hunting for trophy animals. If you look into some other stuff this guy has been accused of you will see that he doesn't seem to be a nice person at all. Of course people are upset and I think rightfully so.
Now to Planned Parenthood. Are they selling fetuses and fetus parts? I don't know, I have not looked into this issue in depth but from what I understand at least one clinic did. Where do these aborted babies go? Is it legal or not? Conflicting reports are coming out daily. I don't think the parts are getting sold as food to some people interested in exotic dishes or as something somebody will put on display in a jar in their living room. If anything it must be for medical research purposes? Organ or tissue donations? Correct me if I am wrong, please do. Medical research that might somehow benefit even the strongest anti Planned Parenthood advocates or their own families in the future. What else do they do with the fetuses you think? Pick them apart and sell them for fun?
I am pro choice. There are laws and regulations regarding abortion. If men could have babies I am certain that abortions would not be as much as a heated issue. Now pay attention to the word PLANNED. Exactly how you should view having children, they should be PLANNED.
Too many people just have sex, oooops get pregnant and now you have a baby! No plan on how to care for this baby. Perhaps the welfare office can help? Then maybe have more babies and just become a welfare queen. Life is good, yeay!
I am a strong advocate for population control. If that was the law people would perhaps take having kids more seriously. Plus, why should taxpayers pay for people's "mistakes"? I also think that people on welfare, men and women should not be allowed to reproduce.
Maybe difficult to regulate cause people have sex but yeah......if you are collecting welfare you should not be allowed to have kids. It only makes sense. If other people (tax payers) support you because you can't do it yourself for whatever reason, then WHY is having kids at that time in your life a good idea? It's not.
If abortions were illegal women would still have them. They do in countries were abortions are illegal. It's often dangerous and many women get seriously injured, even die from the complications. Also, WHY should a woman that got raped, even a little girl (child) that got raped and ended up pregnant because of the rape be forced to go through with the pregnancy? Who are you to decide what a woman should do with her body? Of course there should be regulations, which there are, regarding abortion. I do not think abortion should be used as a form of birth control. If somebody goes in for several abortions then perhaps a sterilization should be suggested, discussed and even enforced. Men that are sperm donors to several kids that they do not take care of should get sterilized. Again, PLANNED is the word here. Also if abortions were illegal just think about how many unwanted and uncared for children that you and me would end up having to pay for. There are already so many, too many, unwanted, abused, molested and neglected children here in the US. Some of them get so badly abused that they die form their injuries. Who speaks for them? Perhaps if they had been wanted and planned they would be treated differently?
In Ceausescu's Romania abortions were illegal (with some exceptions). Thousands of children ended up in orphanages (still do) because they were unwanted or could not be cared for. They ended up in orphanages were they stopped growing, they stunted in their development because they did not receive human touch. Children crave human touch and interaction, it's a basic need just like food. Those children suffered, physical and sexual abuse were not uncommon. How is that justified? Get pregnant (perhaps because you either do not believe in birth control, or birth control is illegal or viewed as sinful or abortions are illegal) and then abandon your baby to an orphanage were it will get minimal attention, maybe get abused. What happens to those children when they grow up? Unwanted kids get trafficked, used for sex. And people are horrified that some women have abortions. Think about the bigger picture instead of focusing on abortion and that it might be wrong because the Bible says so. If you are not willing to save all the unwanted children yourself, clothe them, feed them, raise them and provide for them then I suggest you stop pontificating about the Bible and sin.
To me it's a bigger sin to give birth and abandon your baby (unless you arrange for a proper adoption) or give birth and then abuse and/or neglect your child. To me it's also a bigger sin to be a sperm donor and not care for your children. It's also a bigger sin to stand outside Planned Parenthood and shoot (yes, SHOOT with a gun) at the people that work there.
By 1993 marital rape became a crime in all 50 states. Back in the no so distant past a man could demand sex from his wife, rape her and that was fine.The Duggars parents teaches their daughters to never say no to their husband when the guy wants sex. They are a fine church going family that strongly believes in God, as we all know by now. Is that something that you want to teach your daughter? That she has no free will over her OWN body?
Let's say I was married and wanted to penetrate my husband with a zucchini on a weekly basis and he said no but I tackled him and raped his anus. Would that be OK because we are legally wed? Of course not. You are not somebody's property when you get married.
Nobody has the right to rape you and nobody should have the right to decide whether a woman is allowed to have an abortion or not. It's her body and her choice.
I am glad that people all over the world have paid so much attention to what happened to Cecil the lion in Zimbabwe. Soon there will be no more lions if people do not change their attitudes regarding wildlife and trophy hunting and just killing animals for fun.'s so much fun to go and shoot defenseless animals! BARF, shoot yourself will ya?
That does not mean that those same people that care about what happened to Cecil do not care about children and abortions. A meme saying so does not make it the truth.

I am pro choice and against trophy hunting.


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bambi on :

I agree with your opinions about rape and I think this was a great post....... and I appreciate the is the one year ( anniversary ? ) of the suicide committed by the sex offender who hurt me when I was at a vulnerable age/time in my life.
not only did he hurt me, but he was abusive towards my well mannered cat..........tell tale signs of a sociopath.

Tatiana on :

Awful, I'm glad that he is not around to hurt more people and animals.

mandy on :

My sisters catholic doctor refused to sterilize her, until complications finally made it necessary.
They say people should be drug tested to get welfare. How about women get a depo shot before they get their assistance. Seems just as reasonable, but I bet Jesus would have a problem with that too.
As you know, people who torture animals make me want to go all S.A.R.A. Super Angry Rage Ass beat down.

Sorry that happened to you Bambi. I hope the fucker died

Tatiana on :

From what I understand back in the day in Ireland (a super Catholic country) contraception was not permitted cause it was believed sinful. Totally insane I think.
I like your depo shot suggestion....sounds about fair.
YES.....people that abuse animals should get S.A.R.A mandatory, in public.

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