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A super exciting Sunday is slowly coming to an end. I had lofty plans of going to Girdwood today for the last day of the Forest Fair but I woke up kind of late and then my friend that I was planning on going with didn't check her phone in time so our plan fizzled out. We both regretted not going but oh well......I guess I needed my sleep more.
So instead I did my usual errands, after getting a latte of course. I found this syringe laying on the ground in the Fred Meyer parking lot. Nothing like throwing your used needles on the ground.....of course I disposed of it. Yuck.

Later, after feeding myself and Chhaya, we went on a long walk. Found a large feather, not sure what kind of a bird it came from besides that it wasn't a small bird. Thank You bird!

Chhaya still had lots of energy when we got home so she wrestled with her big teddy while I made myself a comfortable nest in bed and in bed is where I have been for the last couple of hours. Feeling tired but don't want to sleep yet.

Super exciting Sunday, like I said. Very typical Sunday for me.


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julia on :

How did you choose to dispose of the used "works " ??

Tatiana on :

Fred Meyer pharmacy.
Good enough for you? Or is it going to be another lecture on how to recycle and where and whatever other topic you might want to discuss?

julia on :

Well it was going to be some very specific instructions about how to safely and properly dispose of items like the one you found, however I am quite proud of how you handled the situation. Much Success !!

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