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Not Feeling It

I have been down for the last couple of days. I feel burdened with too many responsibilities that I feel are completely unnecessary and having to deal with annoying stuff. I'm so over it, I just want to sleep and not deal with anything. What's the point anyways? Paying bills, being responsible, doing this.....doing that, taking care of a bunch of stuff. For what? So you (I) can just die in the end? Because that is exactly what's going to happen.
I miss my family and friends in Sweden. I talked to my Mom for a long time last night and another friend in Sweden. That made me feel a bit better. I know I am just in a temporary funk, I'm probably going to feel like my normal self soon. But right now......I'm just not feeling it. Same reoccurring thoughts about the meaning of life that I get every so often.
The sun came out a bit today after a few days of hiding behind the clouds, so I got naked and tanned in my yard. Now I have to go and get some food so I can cook something to eat when I get hungry.
Here are the trees outside my bedroom window that I like to look at when I'm laying in bed with my laptop. I get lost in looking at the branches swaying back and forth in the wind and the changing of the seasons.


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