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I have many itchy mosquito bites after the camping trip. They seem to itch like crazy right before I want to go to sleep. Why is that? I have like four on one elbow, same amount on a knee cap and a bunch on my feet and ankles. I need a pedicure, thinking about doing it myself and saving the trip to the salon for next time. Comfy sleeping socks and a good thick lotion for bed.

This is what I looked like when I got up this morning. Hello it Tuesday today? I have to take care of a bunch of boring things today that I have postponed out of laziness.
Just some errands and boring phone calls. Why is is so difficult to make a simple phone call sometimes? It only takes a minute or two and not difficult at all. And I don't mean a phone call to a friend. So I better get going and stop procrastinating any longer so I can wake up tomorrow and feel that I did something productive today. Sigh......being a responsible adult is no fun most of the time!


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