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The heat is here! This is record heat for me, I have not experienced a hotter day since I have been in Alaska. It can actually get hotter than this, Fairbanks gets high temperatures in the summer. Today it was 84° here on Kenai and it sure felt like it!

I spent most of my day today and yesterday outside in the sun, sprawled out on a blanket tanning and reading.

Chhaya was completely lethargic during the day, I made her a shelter.

I ate some strawberries with whipped cream.

Later in the evening, after it cooled down a bit we went for a walk. These pics were taken after 11 pm, as you can see it's still light out. I absolutely LOVE the long days, the light does not bother me. It's actually amazing!

Pretty flowers, these looked like cotton balls. So cute!

I had the best day today and I am so very grateful for my life. Thank You Universe and Mother Nature for everything! ❤


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