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Woke up at noon to sunshine and a blue sky. An absolutely gorgeous day! The first thing I did was to lay down a blanket outside and plant myself on it. I have a friend visiting so when she woke up we drove to Kaladi and then to some shops. Saw two items that I liked but I will think about it for a day or two first before I decide to whether make a purchase or not. That's how I operate. Enjoying our coffee......

Look how cute!

I'm feeling a bit tired and thinking about taking a nap outside for a while. I love sleeping outside.


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Annette on :

Is that a heart on your thumb nail :-) I miss laying in the sun......that is a cute pic of Chhaya laying under the shaded table!

Tatiana on :

That's left over, severely chipped glitter nail polish. I'm too lazy to take it off.

Annette on :

:-) that's funny I thought it looked like a heart. So is it light out there when you run at midnight ??? I am hoping so........went to the a Dermatologist for my check up ( every 3 months) they took a skin sample from my inner takes a week to get results.

Tatiana on :

Yes, this time of year it is light enough at midnight. Perfect for a run!
Why a skin sample? Do you have to do that every time you go for a check up? Isn't it enough just to look at your skin/freckles/moles for any changes or abnormalities?

Annette on :

They take pics of suspicious a crime scene. They have a label with all your patient info and they hold it next to your spot and snap a pic. If it changes and looks suspicious they either do a slice or punch biopsy. At this point I told them just do it and if it's cancer lets get it out. So I am waiting for results. I don't like the idea of something invading my body without my permission.......

Tatiana on :

So a spot changed, that's why they took a sample right?
I have SO many moles, at least 100. I don't want to know.

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