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Fruit Salad

I got inspired (from somebody else's blog, her name is Clara) to make a fruit salad. It's been so long since I had fruit salad, can't even recall last time. So I went to the grocery store today and got two apples, three kiwis, a container of strawberries and one mango. And some whipped cream. All organic except the mango. IF I can I get organic I will. At Whole Foods it's easy, it's all organic. There is no such thing even close to Whole Foods in Kenai or Soldotna but you can get your fruits and veggies from the organic section at Fred Meyer and I do not think it's that much more expensive. But I haven't really compared.
I got home and chopped it all up, put it in a bowl, refrigerated for maybe 30 minutes, whipped up the cream and enjoyed. Very good! The first bite took me back to my birthdays in Sweden as a little girl, my Mom would always make me a cake with sliced up fruit in between the cake layers, fruit on top and plenty of whipped cream.

ALL my fruit and veggie scraps go to the animals outside. I do not throw any of that in the garbage. If the animals don't eat it....then it will disappear eventually and become mulch.
But the animals, I'm suspecting rabbits, seem to like what I give them. Unless the bears are enjoying my offerings.

I'm in the process of cleaning the house. Today I swept the downstairs and mopped a few sections. Tomorrow more mopping. All shoes come off by the door at my house. No shoes inside unless I am in a hurry and rush in from the outside to grab something real quick, so yes exceptions are always allowed. I remember when I was newbie in the US and would be so grossed out when I noticed that it was normal to wear shoes in the house here, people lounging on their couches and even beds with their outdoors shoes on. I was like??? I had never seen anybody do that in Sweden. To me that was nasty. When I lived with Shelley I would tell her friends to get their dirty shoes off her couch, of course they thought I was a rude bitch. LOL. Then when my friend Mikey moved in with me and Mike (when I had roommates) he was not happy about the no shoe rule, I would NOT budge on that. Now he takes his shoes off in the garage before he even steps into his house. He would never wear shoes in his house today, which is super stylish and very clean may I add. I think it all depends on what lifestyle you have and how you grew up. If you live in a rustic style house all alone maybe wearing shoes indoors doesn't seem like a big deal. But dragging in dirt and all kinds of nasty stuff and then get it on the couch or the bed.....I can't personally live like that.
Hello, people spit their lougies and blow their noses on sidewalks all the time that everybody steps in. Having said that, everybody has different rules for their house, you just have to respect that I guess. I wear my heels when I walk Chhaya and tend to the yard, who doesn't?


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Mumintrollet on :

It's also nice for the feet to take the shoes off.

Tatiana on :

Yes, that too.

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