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My Office & My Closet

I'm back at my office - meaning Coffee Roasters. I enjoy coming here and writing, it's relaxing and not home. When I was gone they remodeled the place a bit, I like the new look. First of today at my office.

Pics of the office, the new and improved look.

So cute and so simple. Take a piece of wood, pick a color and paint the wood, glue on coffee beans in the shape of a cup of coffee or whatever you want. Genius. I love it and feel inspired!

More art. The girl that works next door made this and the coffee bean creation. She is a photographer too. Very artistic and creative I think.

Now to my closet. Back in December or was it November (?) I was very close to moving away from Kenai. My stuff was packed up in boxes but then I changed my mind. Instead I went to Vegas for some time. Now I'm back in Kenai. My stuff, like 90% of it is still in boxes (plastic crates). So this is my closet. Imagine finding an article of clothing you want to wear, pretty much a project. So I'm not going to unpack this suitcase, instead I will rummage through it when I need something to wear and look through my boxes too. I lived out of two suitcases in Vegas so I can continue living like this for a while until I know what I'm doing and where I'm going. I had a very nice closet for a while, I like a pretty looking closet. Organized and nice to look at. This is not what I call a pretty looking closet. I can live with it for now. Could be worse for sure.

Today's plans, it's Friday. Patch up a few of Chhaya's binkis. They are put up on one of the shelves in the closet. I picked up all the stuffing today upstairs and downstairs from a ripped apart Piggie (pig) and Hedgie (hedgehog). Hedgie was trashed and could not be saved, Piggie will live a bit longer. I might wax my legs and then I have to wash my hair if I decide to go to work. If not I will stay at home at watch American Horror Story (Netflix). I started it last week. I'm through season 1, Murder House. Now I'm a few episodes into Asylum. I like it so far, Asylum is better than Murder House I find. Jessica Lange is very impressive.


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Mumintrollet on :

Ok , I've finished reading Ayaans "Heretic: Why Islam Needs a Reformation Now".
The swedish translation though , it's swedish title is only "Reformera Islam"(Reform islam) they probably chickened out when they didnt title it "Kättare: Varför islam behöver en reformering nu".

Ironically the type of cowardice Ayaan criticize in the book.

Ayaan is right , smart, experienced and brave in what she say and do.

Tatiana on :

Really? They left out that part of the title? How misleading and that is not OK whatsoever.
I do NOT understand why Sweden is so worried about sucking up to Islam? Much can be discussed on this subject.
Ayaan is an extremely smart and brave person - I wholeheartedly agree with you on that.

Annette on :

Had has Rudy Rudolph, Rocky Racoon, and Larry Lyon ;-)

Tatiana on :

I'm assuming those are your baby's toys? Or what were his toys....?

Annette on :

Hahaha.......I use my I pad and was in a hurry..of course those are Jasper Jax's toys.
We were notified in March they are closing the program at the U of M where I work. My last day is June 26 :-( it has been really hard on people at my job and our patients. I am sad but I just can't allow negative energy to take up my time. I am moving back to Kansas and start a new job July 13. I hate moving......but I travel light so it isn't to bad. Jax has a worried look on his face with all the boxes stacking up. Does Chhaya get worried when you start packing?

Tatiana on :

What? You are leaving Minneapolis? Why is the program closing down? Funding issues or why?
That's crazy but now you will be closer to you family......!
Are you renting a U-Haul?
Oh yes, when I start packing my suitcases before traveling Chhaya starts sulking and glares at me with a sad/concern look in her face. Packing boxes and stuff also affects her, they know.
If dogs could talk.....or I should say IF we could understand what they are telling us everyday we would be amazed.

Annette on :

The doctor who is the head of the department decided to go into private practice......then it was a domino effect. I am getting a severance package which will pay off some medical debt and my move home. I work with the best people I will miss them, all the friends I have made here, the music and art but not WINTER!!! I could get another job here but I really hate winter here. I am moving my stuff in a cube :-) you pack it they move it. Rent in Kansas is 39 % less and the Jax won't have all the ice and snow. He was getting a little slow and I gave him his Adequan shot and he became a crazy energetic boy again.

Tatiana on :

Moving is difficult in many ways. I have looked into those cubes/pods myself.
Will you be able to find a job in your field back in Kansas? I'm sure you will.....
Jax will probably like the weather better in Kansas.

Tatiana on :

Yes I have a job already, not in fertility but at the biggest Hospital working in the main lab. I could have taken jobs in my field in Seattle, Austin, Oklahoma City but moving home sounds good even though the adventure part of me wants to go off somewhere ;-) my friends and family are planning a welcome home party....while my friends here are planning a good bye party...bitter sweet symphony.......

Tatiana on :

You wrote Tatiana instead of Annette in the name section.
Moving home sounds good, you can always get a job somewhere else later on if your adventurous side says so. Seattle sounds interesting. Austin too.

Annette on :

Geeze.....I have a lot on my mind ;-)

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