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Air Mattress Issues

Seems like I have been dealing with air mattress issues for the last couple of years. Does that not sound so very glamorous? I slept on an air mattress in Vegas the whole time I was there. For about four months. Purchased the queen size mattress at Walmart for $20, very affordable. A few weeks before I left Vegas, a hole mysteriously appeared on the underside of the mattress and it slowly went flat. I located the hole and patched it up, filled the mattress with air and the mattress decided to pop out an extra layer - it beefed up. So the last few weeks in Vegas I slept on a wonky looking air mattress, I called it my pregnant air mattress.
I DO have a queen size, very comfortable bed in Vegas. In storage. All my stuff, as in furniture, dishes, clothes, books, knick knacks etc are in a large storage unit in Vegas that I pay an exorbitant monthly fee for. I don't even want to think about the money I spent on that storage unit so far, I could had purchased brand new luxurious furniture or a car for that money. I really need to figure out what to do with my stuff in that storage unit within the near future. Really. For anyone looking for a great business to invest their money in, I have one advice - storage units.
So a few years ago I slept on an air mattress here in Kenai, AK too cause I refused to purchase a bed since in my mind I ALREADY had a perfectly good bed, albeit far away in a dusty storage unit in Vegas. Well finally, after patching it up like four times due to Chhaya jumping all over it and it still continued leaking, I gave up and have been enjoying my sleep, many movie watching sessions and plenty of cuddling with Chhaya on a king size bed purchased at a local Alaska branch called the Mattress Ranch. I still have an air mattress at home, it's my "futon" for the living room. Chhaya loves laying on it, it's elevated and has a couple of soft blankets and two large pillows on it. Well, wouldn't you know......the other day it slowly started deflating. I thought for sure I would find a hole from one of Chhaya's claws on the velour top.
Nope again, a tiny hole on the underside of the mattress. My question does a mattress get a hole underneath it if there was nothing sharp under it to begin with? That is a mystery to me. Well, after entertaining you all with my mundane air mattress stories I will now go and take care of my house that is a MESS. I have tons of things to wash, sort through, hang up, wipe down, sweep etc. A mess I'm telling you!


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