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I have a new favorite song to dance to at work. Faded by ZHU. Love it! I guess when I was away the computer with all of our music crashed, the DJs managed to restore most of our songs but not all. So I was racking my memory trying to recall all the songs that had been on my playlist. I think I got most of them. I find it so ironic when girls "steal" another girl's special song. Of course you can dance to whatever music you want, if allowed, some clubs do not allow a certain style of too much rap etc. But you KNOW when a girl has that special song, we all know (unless you work with hundreds of girls/night but that is not the case here) and in general it's an unwritten rule of courtesy that you respect your co workers special songs. I do. One girl made a point of starting to dance to two of my songs, one Rihanna song that I used to dance to nightly and the other night she played another one of my songs. Is this how passive aggressive people express themselves I wonder? Pathetic.
She can have both songs since they are played out and I have plenty of other songs to choose from. Plus my crush Rihanna has new stuff out now that I will check out. It's pure comedy to watch this girl dance to the songs, actually pure comedy to watch her on stage in general, she has some new jerky moves that are HILARIOUS! Looks like a belly dancer that took a long drag off the crack pipe. Some girls just never learn how to move fluid and nice on stage, no matter how long they've been stripping. What do I look like? I'm not sure. ;-)
It depends on the stage, some stages are not made for dancing, more for just walking up and down one direction and the other because there is simply no room to dance. When I'm on a stage I feel comfortable on I can relax and move freely. I was told from a couple of the waitresses at Crazy Horse Too that I was their favorite girl to watch on stage. I think that was a very nice compliment. And somebody else told me that I look like beautiful art. Besides the usual "great stage" or "you look good up there" comments. But I have also danced on stages that I did not want to go on at all cause I was not comfortable on them, whether it's bad lights or just a bad stage in general. Like the Spearmint Rhino in Carter Lake, IA.....the lights on that stage SUCKED. I don't know why clubs insist on having BAD lights. I mean, it's OBVIOUS when the lights are bad. When the girls actually look better in daylight than in club lights then you know that the lights on the stage are bad.....OK. I can assure you that I do not look anything like beautiful art then, more like a stiff and annoyed dancer that just wants to get the forced time on stage over with as soon as possible. So it all depends on the situation. I definitely prefer working in a club with a dancer friendly stage cause I do enjoy going on stage. Me and the pole do not get along. I have no pole skills whatsoever. Having said that, knowing one strained looking pole trick or two does not make you a good dancer. And there is a huge difference between stripper style dancing and going out clubbing dancing. If you go on a stage in a strip club and bust out some line dancing moves or some complicated Chris Brown moves or the moonwalk people will look at you like WTF??? And rightfully so. If I went to a regular club (not strip club) and started doing my strip club moves people would think I had some kind of a psychosis of some sort. So yes, there is a huge difference.
And this was my outfit last Saturday, which was the last time I worked - yellow bra and panty with yellow detail. I think the fire hydrant makes for a nice touch in the pic.

And of course there is already some small drama brewing. What else can you expect from a small village with one strip club and bored girls that dance every freakin' night of the week for months at an end? Get a life already! That's right, your life consists of the club and working every night, I forgot. So one crusty old fart (man) told another crusty old fart (another man) that I had mentioned something about one of the girls apparent weight gain. Well, I did not actually see her until Saturday night, so how I would had said something about her weigh gain before I actually saw her is a mystery to me. Seems like even the crusty old farts around here need to get a life. Plus I would had not said something like that to the old fart that lied and said that I did anyways, I don't talk to him about stuff like that. In fact, I barely talk to him at all. Are you following me in this village drama here......? I'm telling you, worse than a Sunday market gossip session in the old country.
I don't really give a shit about anybody's weight gain as long as it's not me sporting a big gut, love handles and rolls down my back, I'm happy. I don't need any meth, pills or be on a strict diet to stay thin. I can't even imagine living in misery like that.
Hmmm.....I SHOULD add here that I don't have any kids. I know that if I would had carried a baby and squeezed it out I most likely would not had a flat stomach like I do now. I don't know how women get thin after pregnancy, I envision myself with an extra 50 lbs after a pregnancy and my dancing days would be over.


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