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The Wheel Of Misfortune

I went back to the Wheel of Misfortune today. This time accompanied by Sarah Jane (read Sarah's blog HERE ) and she loved the place just as much as I do. It's simply fascinating! So the place itself is close to Lake Mead at an old mine site called Three Kids Mine. Why the name I'm not sure, maybe some children died there and it was named in honor of their memory. The area was mined for manganese a long time ago, the mine is abandoned and there is plenty of cool graffiti all over. And of course the Wheel of Misfortune. All the dollar signs painted show 0 and spelled out are.....Lose A Job, Bankrob, Lose All Hope, Lose A House, Bankowned and Aware. I think Aware is the name of the artist that created the Wheel of Misfortune, with the help of others. REALLY cool spot! Me and Sarah went to check the place out and we took some pics while doing so. Here are a few......

Another beautiful day in Vegas came to an end.....I had a great day today.


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Mumintrollet on :

The pictures are too small.

Tatiana on :

From your phone or laptop/tablet/desktop or in general?

Mumintrollet on :

I think it's just my general complain.

I like many of your pictures , but they're so small.

I use my desktop.

Julia on :

I love the picture of the shoe with the "BEST BITCH" bracelet ....
Tatiana is a very talented photographer ~ her pictures have been admired by many "professional photographers" ( whatever that means ).........

Tatiana on :

Thank you for giving me the "Best Bitch" bracelet.....I LOVE it!

Annette on :

I always love your shoe pics.

Tatiana on :

Thank You Annette!
PS.....have you heard of Adequan shots for dogs? How is Jax doing?

Annette on :

Yes....I give Jax a shot every three to four weeks. I split 1.5 ml into each of his theighs. I got a prescription from the vet but I order it from Pet Meds for a lot less (149.00) really helps. It helps put sonoval fluid into their joints. Do you remember I had you go to a site called Tigerpoz...that's where I learned about it. Jax is my best buddy :-) he has a tumor on his right floppy ear that they want to take off but they want to put him under anesthesia...ugh I am not convinced that is a good idea. He will be 12 in June.

Tatiana on :

You give him the shots! That's right.....that is what you do. :-)
That is great! I might look into giving Chhaya Adequan, I will get a second opinion (or two) first. I had her back legs and hips
X-rayed and it was recommended. BUT she is very agile and does not limp, although she did limp on and off (slightly) last year. I have given her glucosamine on a regular basis for a long time. They told me that I need to bring her into the vet once a week (or was it twice? can't remember now) for three weeks and then once a month for the shots.
I know EXACTLY how you feel about the anesthesia.......!

Annette on :

I had them do the first shot to show me how......and that's what we did at first ...twice a week for about three weeks then once a month. It's so much cheaper to do it myself and it really does help. 1-800-petmeds is the best place I have found (they send a big treat with the Meds). Once I went 3 months before I gave it to him then he got bad and I had to start all over. They do the initial shots that way to build it up in their joints. I think it is a miracle.....I give him glucosamine also and we do stretches which he loves!!!!

Wonderhussy on :

Thank you for taking me to this amazing location! I have a shoot planned there next Tuesday :-)

Your photo of the stripper heels came out great!

Tatiana on :

It was my pleasure! Can't wait to see your pics! I know they will be great as always.

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