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Gold Strike

Yesterday I had an AMAZING day! Can I say it again.....? AMAZING ! I finally hiked down to Gold Strike hot springs and with really good company too, Sarah Jane aka Wonderhussy came along with me. I have been wanting to go on this hike since arriving in Vegas a few months ago.....The first time I went on this gorgeous hike, over a decade ago, there was a huge warm pool down there. So big that you could not feel the bottom of it with your feet and you could actually swim across it. That pool was incredible, I called it "the blue lagoon". Well, some years ago major construction happened in the area. An overpass was built and most of the water feeding the hot springs dried up but it's back now, although the large magical pool that I called the blue lagoon is not there anymore. Kind of sad because it really was spectacular.
But there are plenty of other places to soak. Here are a bunch of pictures from yesterday......

And this is Sarah can find her extremely entertaining blog HERE
Also check out Sarah's says Wonderhussy! I want a hat that says Supernova on it now......! :-D

We shared some yummy chocolate.

Made friends with the cutest little duck. He wanted some of my sesame seed bar and I gladly shared.

I'm hoping to go on this hike again within the near future. Not only are the hot springs great for a relaxing and rejuvenating soak, the hike itself is extremely scenic. High canyons, lots of boulder scrambling - it's a great workout and I can't wait to do it again. Life is great!


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Wonderhussy on :

I am SO glad you talked me into going! It was a great day....and yes you SHOULD get a Supernova hat!! :-) :-) :-)

Tatiana on :

I had a great time....thank you!

Paul on :

You should become a tour guide, I will pay big money to join your tours :-)

Didn't take Chhaya this time?

Tatiana on :

Yes.....let me know if you or anybody else needs a tour of the surrounding areas of Vegas, I will be the very knowledgeable guide. I'm sure Sarah would make a great tour guide too.

No Chhaya this time. She has been to Gold Strike before although this time I left her at home, although I missed her company. We were kind of strapped for time and with Chhaya it would had taken much longer due to the boulder scrambling. Maybe another time. Chhaya loves soaking in hot springs too!

Brian on :

Nice pics of the water goddess! These photos inspire me to go out camping in the California desert this weekend.. please come visit SoCal soon. If I venture to Vegas can I book a hiking tour with you two lovely ladies?

Tatiana on :

Yes, you need to go camping. You are lucky to live in beautiful CA!
I will ask Sarah about possible future tour guiding.

Brian on :

Thanks Tatiana! I would love to go hiking with you and Sarah whenever I can get up to Nevada. I decided to go camping/hiking in the Mojave National Preserve this weekend. You should check it out if you have not already .. It's huge and has lots of amazing places within it. Its only about 2 hours out from Vegas.. but I know you are probably busy with the weekend Tatiana hustle ;-)

Jordan on :

can you please give a tour to myselflf upon arrival at the airport in LAX on May the 30? first time in socal and wish to meet godess of the waters. i will check and look here for when you willrespond to my request. yours truly, Jordan

Tatiana on :

The water goddess is residing in Las Vegas and not in CA.
Plus the water goddess is busy from now until end of August.

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