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It's been over three months since the murders in Paris at the Charlie Hebdo offices. I still think about that senseless act and other just as senseless and cold blooded murder acts have followed since then. The list just goes on and on, what some crazy Muslims do in the name of Allah. We have the killings in Denmark. That a group of about 500 Muslims gathered to pay respect to the gunman that finally was apprehended and killed by Danish police was just sickening to watch. ALL OF THEM should be sent packing back to wherever the fuck they came from, revoke their Danish citizenship (if they have one) immediately. I feel that any Muslim living in the West, as in Europe or the US and believes in jihad or feels entitled to practice inhumane behavior like FGM, honor killings and other similar violations of basic human rights, should have their citizenship/green card/VISA revoked and sent back to where they came from or wherever their parents/grand parents came from. There should be no room for people like that to freely roam around in society. At least not in Western society.
A deadly shooting of tourists visiting a museum in Tunisia (most likely carried out by Islamist extremists). Then we have the massacre at a school in Kenya, 147 innocent people, mainly students were shot dead, Al-Shabaab claimed responsibility. Children's aid workers on behalf of Save The Children taken hostage and murdered in Afghanistan, executed by the Taliban. Who does this? Pure evil.
I had a friend in Paris send me the first issue of Charlie Hebdo that came out after the shootings in Paris. I wanted that issue and I will never throw it away. Some people (as in non Muslims) have the nerve to almost defend what happened, saying that you should not joke about religion because it might offend some people. That is completely LUDICROUS. Any NON MUSLIM that even thinks that it is OK or excusable to go and murder people for some cartoons or a difference in opinions are just as brain washed as the Muslims that go out on their jihad missions in the name of Allah. And now some Muslim leaders in France are calling for more mosques to be built? Like there aren't enough already? How about building stuff that is useful for everybody - like parks, playgrounds, schools, libraries etc? You want to pray? Pray at home. You don't need a church or a mosque to pray to God. And what about the morons that run away from home to join ISIS? Young girls leaving their parents, friends and school to go and be a sex slave without any rights. Because trust me, women have NO rights in a Taliban/ISIS/Al-Shabaab patriarchy. Your role is to be submissive, serve your husband and to squeeze out as many future suicide bombers and terrorists as possible.

I have always been amazed that some women think that it is liberating to be covered up from head to toe, while men can basically dress however they want. Just another example of being brainwashed and a prisoner in the name of God. Try stepping out without that burqa on when the Taliban patrols the streets and see what happens.

I guess it is also not politically correct to call things for what they are nowadays.
Many politicians and people with a public voice tip toe around the real, very present and constant threat of terror that ISIS and similar militant Muslim groups pose. There is no room for tip toeing around this very serious problem anymore. You don't see ISIS trying to be open for any discussion and handling issues in a politically correct way. They barge in and just execute whomever that they feel is disrespecting their God. For them it is a crime to be a non Muslim too. Convert or die. Therefore I admire Marine Le Pen. I do not feel that she is a racist, she is a realist (just like me) and brings up real issues that some people are afraid to talk about publicly because they are worried that they are not being politically correct and might be offending people. Well, I am offended that others get offended so easily nowadays.
You have a brain, use it.

So this is my latest book. Heretic by Ayaan Hirsi Ali. I SO admire this brave and intelligent human being. She was once chosen as one of Time magazine's 100 most influential people in the world and I don't doubt that for a second. She should be on that list every year. I very much admire this woman, she should be anybody's role model and I think this is a very important book that brings up a great argument. READ IT PLEASE! And yes, I have written about Ayaan before. Let me quote something from Heretic , "I have told my story at length in my memoir Infidel , so here I can be brief. I ended up working at a refugee screening camp, was granted asylum, worked hard to get off welfare and learn Dutch, received a university degree, and ended up writing, debating, and then being elected to the Dutch Parliament." Now that is a role model if anything!

While I am talking about religion and what brainwashed people do in the name of Allah or God I should mention the lunatics that belong to Westboro Baptist Church. These morons stand outside and picket events and even funerals with their hateful and narrow minded messages. They even have a site online that is called godhatesfags, (REALLY???) where they have a schedule posted for the next picket event. They drag along their innocent children to picket and poison their young minds with their uneducated hate. I think that everybody that brings their children to events that spread hate should have their parental rights examined and possibly revoked. I actually think that children DO NOT belong in church whatsoever. If a person chooses to go to church when they are mature enough to think for themselves and make their own decisions about religion and whether or not to believe in God, fine. I have no problem with that.
But children only go to church because an adult drags them there. I can think of better things for children to do than sit in church for hours at an end, listening to stuff that doesn't make any sense to them anyways. Plus it is SO funny and ironic to me that people feel so pompous and righteous about going to church once in a while, when in reality they are pretty shitty people and crappy role models for their children that grow up witnessing constant arguing, violence, boozing and drugging at home. Being a GOOD person and a positive role model for your children takes more effort than the occasional visit to church. HYPOCRITES!

I see the most fitting way to end this post with..... Je suis Charlie .


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Paul on :

Good post, I am a liberal but hawkish regarding Religion, Liberal Left gives a pass to backward thinking & behavior by minorities. Unfortunately the normally off base Right gets this. We do need to walk a fine line between protecting secular liberal values and xenophobic reaction.

Read Sam Harris, Hitchens & Richard Dawkins on this, you might like their perspective. Ayah was recently interviewed by Sam Harris.

Tatiana on :

OK....I will read their thoughts/opinions.

Mumintrollet on :


I will.

Tatiana on : and then let me know what you think!

Annette on :

Oh.....Tatiana this is why I love reading your Blog! One minute you are taking beautiful pics of canyons and the next rantings on Islam radical issues. I wish I had a copy of that newspaper issue :-)
I bought Jax a new toy that had a treat hidden was suppose to keep him busy for hours...ha...try a few minutes. I put it back inside and he immediately got it back out ;-) I put dog food in it and that's harder to get out!
I love IKEA but the first time I went here in MPLS I got lost trying to find my way out!!!

Tatiana on :

Ha! I got Chhaya one of those for Christmas a few years ago and she got that puzzle solved in like two minutes too. But she does enjoy doing every so often I bring it out and she searches for her treats in it. I think I'm going to get her another one, just to keep her interested. And
And I hide treats at home, in about five or six locations and then tell her "search" and she will find each of them, she loves that game.
IKEA can be a maze finding your way out of.

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