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Road Trip

Since I haven't been to China Ranch by Tecopa, CA in some time now I decided to take a road trip out there the other day. It was too hot to hike all the way to Slot Canyon. This is right by Death Valley, so it gets hot. All we did was lounge around the gift shop at China Ranch, got the mandatory date shake and went for a shorter walk. I was tempted to start walking to Slot Canyon but having Chhaya with me and not knowing exactly how bothered she would be by the heat I decided it was better not to go. Chhaya comes first. She had a fun day sniffing around China Ranch. She loves road trips and fun adventures.

Pretty mosaic steps.

And here is a view of the Tecopa mud baths from up on the hill.

And Chhaya right by the mud bath pool.

Although I have soaked in the mud baths many times with no incidents.....the last time I did so I was bit by something. Something got into my skin and I itched and was red in certain areas for about a week. I don't know when this sign about the mud mites came up, because it was not there last time I visited. But it makes sense now what caused the itching - mud mites. I also did not shower afterwards either, I fell asleep on the couch and I think that had something to do with it. Maybe you need to rinse off as soon as you can afterwards. So I decided to stay out of the mud baths this time. Chhaya too. I don't have time for red and itchy skin right now and neither do I want an itchy puppy. Don't let my mud mite experience deter you from getting in the mud baths though. I know plenty of people that have enjoyed them without any complications. Like I said, I think I got itchy because I didn't take a shower when I got home. I've had mud mites once before. I was in the middle of nowhere in Nevada by a place called Diana's Punchbowl. I dipped myself in a shallow pool of warm water and when I got out I was SUPER itchy and had red welts on my skin. It was immediate too. Gross!

I LOVE Nevada, can't wait to explore more of this beautiful state soon.


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