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Yesterday was the first day of the seasonal summer market on 3rd, downtown. Tatiana went there for the food! Funnel cake with berries and powdered sugar! Corn on the cob with melted butter! Real lemonade! Fried rice and pierogis! She is going to go there once a week to eat, the market is only there on Saturdays and Sundays.
The other day Tatiana found another great place for dessert, Sugarspoon, they had some really good cupcakes there, new favorite place! And today Tatiana ate at The Bradley House but she won't go back there, nice location but that's about it.

Today there was also the annual employee meeting at The Bush. There was talk of upping the lap dance price from $ 20 to $ 25. Sure if all the girls would stick to it, right now there are girls that don't have enough sense to charge $ 20 per dance, instead they do $ 10 dances or dancing for drinks, hello........lame! Maybe those girls should leave and go work somewhere else, then we can talk about upping the price.
And the club is going to start charging out of staters $ 10 to enter. Right now it is free to get in. What they really need to do is weed out some of the inebriated locals that go there just to drink, they just take up space and they are annoying. Hello, it's a strip club, not a bar! The club should just charge everyone that wants to come in $ 5, that would eliminate some of the locals that go there for the wrong reasons.

Earlier today Tatiana got a new pair of Havaianas flip flops, she found then at Nordstrom, baby pink. She already has a dark pink pair. Tatiana wears flip flops when it's warm. Or cold. Flip flops are great.

Right now Tatiana is watching "Daisy of Love" on VH1. Remember, Tatiana danced/worked with Daisy at Shotgun Willies in Denver? Daisy is really cute. So far Tatianas fave boy for Daisy (she is looking for loooooveeee) is London. He is really cute too!


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