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Latte Drinker

The days are going by fast and sometimes I feel like I don't have enough time to even put a blog entry together. It's a bit past 4 am here and I am getting up at 11 am, it looks like I will have a full day tomorrow. Since last time I wrote I tried some food I never had before and strolled around downtown Las Vegas last night. Downtown is FUN and I'm not talking about Fremont Street now but more about that another time. Right now I just want to show you my latest pics from The MadHouse Coffee from the other day. I should get paid to drink lattes and eat pastries and then write about it. Professional latte drinker - that sounds great.
I had lunch at The MadHouse Coffee and it was very good, tried an apricot macaroon too which was also good but they should be more generous with the apricot filling.....not enough. Their lattes so far have always been yummy and I also tried a passion fruit iced tea which I liked. I love the artsy paintings on the wall there. It's open 24/7 in case you are in the mood for a late night sandwich, snack and/or a coffee or tea drink of some sort. Plus you might run into me there!


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Annette on :

Jax and I love our daily dose of Tatiana and Chhaya ;-)

Tatiana on :

How are you and Jax doing?

Annette on :

Jax and I are surviving the winter. Thanks for asking :-) He takes a new supplement that comes from Elk antlers. The combination of that, glucosamine and an injection of Adequan all seem to help him be happy and active which makes me happy. At work we are now freezing eggs for women that want to wait to have kids.....;-) we were on the news recently and they filmed me working at the microscope. Work is crazy...we are always so busy. I love your new shoes!!! Craiglist.....a guy collecting high heel shoes.....sounds like the beginning of a scary movie....eek.....

Tatiana on :

Glad to hear Jax is happy & active! are RIGHT about the scary movie!

Julia on :

HI Annette,
I noticed that you were filmed for a news broadcast ? What city do you live in & is the broadcast available online somewhere so that Tatiana & I might be able to watch it ? Freezing eggs for women who want to wait to have children sounds very cool & interesting ! I would love to have a job like that........ What did you study in school & what would you say your job title is ? Lab technician or biologist perhaps ? I know I am asking a lot of questions but your line of work interests me.......... If you do not see this comment perhaps Tatiana can direct you towards it the next time you comment on an entry........ Hopefully Tatiana will be notified of this comment........ :-)

Julia on :

Tatiana, the next time your friend Annette leaves a comment will you let her know that I replied to her comment re: her being on the news @ work while freezing eggs for women who want to postpone pregnancy ? I am hoping we can watch the news broadcast online somewhere. You know I am quite interested in such things. Jenqui ! Julia.........

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