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Clark County Wetlands Park

Today I decided to check out Clark County Wetlands Park since I never been there before.
It's on the East side of town, far out on Tropicana and I live on the West side of town.
It's getting hot here in Sin City and I made sure to bring water for Chhaya to drink and a spray bottle filled with water to mist her with. There was nothing really exciting to see in the Wetlands Park. Sunset Park is way better!
Just a bunch of dry bushes and crispy tall grasses that I learned is called reed. And a bit too hot. Dawn or dusk is the time to go to Wetlands Park, at least on a sunny day this time of year. I did finally arrive (after a short walk) to a pond so yes, there is water in the desert. No bathing in the pond though, it's some sort of a protected wildlife area. I might go swimming somewhere tomorrow. Maybe, haven't decided yet.
Right now I am waiting for somebody to come and fix a flat tire that I got. One of life's nice surprises! Hello, flat tire.....FUN! Then I'm going to go and take care of some errands and find some food.


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Cool Tuna on :

Might want to head out to Hemenway Park outside of Boulder City. There are Big Horn sheep every afternoon in the park. Chhaya have to stay in the car, you can sit on the grass and almost touch them..

Tatiana on :

Really? I might have to check it out!
Thanks for letting me know.....!

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