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Annoying Incident

So I got annoyed a few times in the last couple of days over small stuff but still stuff that is ANNOYING. I went to the post office because I have a package to send to my Mom and some Valentines Day cards. There is a small post office up the road inside a party supply store.
I went there. I guess they close for lunch every day between 2-3, like I said it's a small post office where the only person working gets to go on a lunch break. Fair enough. I get there and the person working rolls her eyes when she sees me cause she is on her way to take her beak and taking care of a customer is definitely not want she wants. I can understand that, so I say...."Is it already 2?" "Yes", was her reply before she ran off. OK then, I look at the clock and it's 1 ten minutes that I could had sent off my stuff. And shortly after an older lady arrived, I'm guessing around 70 years old. She too was hoping to mail something before 2 and was rather disappointed. Yes, I know getting your break is important. Especially if you are starving. When I exited, the postal worked stood outside and smoked. Hungry for nicotine. This is a government job, so do your job right. But what is really annoying about the post office is that today I found out that they changed some stuff regarding international mail.
It's still super expensive, around Christmas I usually pay $200 plus to mail stuff off to family and friends. Well, the labels you need for declaring what you are sending abroad are no longer available at the post office. You have to fill the label out online and print it out.
I'm assuming they are trying to save money on the cost of the labels. Well, what if you don't have a printer. Helloooooo? Not everybody has a printer. Or a computer for that matter. So I went to Kinkos to take care of this annoying label crap, filled it out and then the US post office website was experiencing some difficulties and told me to return another time. So no label. Thanks a bunch US post office. BARF!
Now to the next annoying incident. At Sambalatte - I go there a lot. The latte is rather pricy there, so I expect to get milk all the way up to the rim of my cup so I don't have to top it off with cold half and half. About 50% of the time I have to ask the barista who made my latte for more milk. No, I don't want an inch gap, I want my cup/mug full. Today the barista had a bad attitude when I politely asked for more milk and I'm super nice to all of them in there. Like I was asking for something impossible? Just fill the freakin' cup all the way, do it right the first time and you won't have people asking for more milk. Yes, when a latte is $5 plus some change and a tip (!) I expect it to be done the way I want.
At Sambalatte they have some intricate coffee alchemy mystery stuff on the menu, in case you want to "enhance your coffee adventure". I haven't done this to my drink, I just order my usual vanilla latte. That I want enhanced with hot frothy milk all the way to the top.
Thank You!


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Annette on :

Why can't people give good customer service :-( I go out of my way to help patients. I actually have tomorrow off and can go to the post office and I really need to mail my box of things I have been collecting for months for you......where should I mail it to?

Tatiana on :

Hmmmmm......if that package can wait a month or so that would be great.

Annette on :

Ok :-) yes....and I will eat the special candy I bought and buy you some more!

Tatiana on :

Special candy.....!? YUMMY!

Annette on :

It's something I like. It is from a little shop in my home town.....they make it :-)

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