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Full Days

I have been rather occupied since I got to Vegas, my days are full and not boring like when I'm in Kenai. The Kenai chunk is gone too. A girl came up to me the other night and told me she just wanted to say that she thought I looked "amaaaaazing, just amazing". I thanked her for the nice compliment. I like to compliment people too and have given away two (sincere ones of course, otherwise it doesn't count) in the last couple of days to some random girls.
Me and Chhaya started out the day with meeting up with Julia at Madhouse Coffee, Chhaya joined in on the latte meeting.

Then we all went to a girl named Heather where I got a trim, about an inch or so off my hair while Chhaya waited in the backyard. Julia stayed behind for a trim and a color. Me and Chhaya left so I could eat some Pei Wei takeout and then we went to Red Rock for a walk.
I have to say that Red Rock was unusually beautiful today. It smelled SO GOOD there, I was taking deep breaths of the fresh rain air. It rained here in Vegas yesterday so everything feels fresh and smells like sagebrush. For a minute I just took in the scenery and the quiet and powerful buzz of nature - BEAUTIFUL. I love Red Rock. So grateful that I'm here right now.


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Zane on :

Gorgeous photos with nice contrast...I bet those last two trees have been hanging out there together for some time! That is a great proverb too

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