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Waxing Time

Well I finally decided it was waxing time for my legs. The hair on my legs reached new lengths, I was quite impressed with my Sasquatch style.
I haven't been working and therefore not been occupied with shaving my legs. I usually (when I work) shave up to the knee and then wax my upper legs when the hair gets long enough. Usually every five or six weeks or so.....sometimes longer depending on how motivated I am. My upper leg/thigh hair is kind of fine. When I don't work for a while I let my lower leg hair grow out so I can wax it. That hair is darker and coarser, probably from all the shaving. I like the Sally Hansen wax, it works and it's not that expensive, about $11. I rarely go to a salon for a wax because I have had bad waxes where you basically pay a minimum of $40 for somebody to do a shitty job when I can spend $11 and get it done right. So now all of you know that I waxed my legs and everything that there is to know about that. Very important news, I know! If you need a good waxer, I can assist you. But I won't do any Brazilian waxes. So don't even ask. ;-)

I'm a hairy beast! I was impressed took 1 1/2 jars of the Sally Hansen wax to rid myself of my leg hair. When I wax the thighs only about half a jar is suffucient. Yeay....I'm smooth and hair free now (on my legs that is....he he).


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Annette on :

:-) you make me laugh

Tatiana on :

As always I am very glad that at least somebody appreciates my humor.

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