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Feeling a bit more motivated today and less PMS-y. Had an appointment with Chhaya at the vet today and that went well, she is 74 pounds and very healthy and very pretty they think at the vet. I Chhaya is the most beautiful. I am a typical parent, everybody thinks their own child/children are the prettiest and most talented and I feel the same way about Chhaya. Although she does get lots of compliments from strangers and plenty of breeding proposals. But Chhaya turns them all down. Just like me. ;-)
The weather has been gray and mild. So mild that if it continues like this it might be a record. Of course many parts of Alaska are freezing, like Prudhoe Bay, about -10 F right now.....but that is about 700 miles north of where I live. Still, -10 F for Prudhoe Bay for this time of year is not that cold.

I am also almost done with my Christmas presents for this year, just a couple of more cards to write and a few more things to get, then I have to wrap the boxes that I'm sending to Sweden in brown paper and fill out customs forms. A few days ago all the stuff, all the cards, stickers, paper, tape, ribbons etc were laying on the floor in a large heap. I wondered how I would even be able to finish it all but I did. As usual.


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Annette on :

Chhaya is beautiful and photogenic.....Jax looks sad when I take a pic of him :-) I have been researching lights for seasonal depression, do you have one? There are so many different ones.......

Tatiana on :

Maybe cause he is a lab....they have those sad eyes sometimes. ..although they really are not sad.
No I don't have a mood light but they do have one inside Coffee Roasters for the's kind of big, I'm not sure what size those lights normally come in.

Annette on :

I went to the doctor because I feel tired and just WEIRD.....she thinks it is just SAD and light therapy would help. I am not a depressed person but I don't like this feeling..... I found a light on Amazon that is portable and you can set at a table, desk ect. I am considering buying it.

Tatiana on :

Did you feel like this last year? I have a vague feeling we talked about SAD then too?

Annette on :

Yes I did......I made a promise to myself to be very proactive in good health. I work with a lot of people that are affected by the lack of sun. They take antidepressants......I have nothing against that but when they forget to take them YIKES! That Chhaya is so cute :-) and poses just perfect.

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