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Picked Up

I picked up my new body chain today......yeay!!! This is my third body chain from TatiRocks, I suspect it might be my last since I don't even wear the first one anymore because I like the second one better. So now I can alternate between the second body chain and this latest one.

I also drove around like a harried hen all over town and tried to finish my Christmas shopping. As usual I am totally overdoing it. Although I promised myself last year that I would not go overboard this year but I just can't help myself. I feel guilty if I feel that I "forgot" someone. If I continue like this I will soon have to give away Christmas presents to 50 people plus a year. Maybe after this year I will try to stop feeling guilty if I don't give something to everybody.
I just can't do it, actually I am going to eliminate giving to some people this year now that I think about it, I need to be realistic and realize that not every single person I know, even the ones that I barely know need to get a gift.....from me at least. Sure I could go to the 99 cents store and get something for a dollar and give as a gift, people say that it is the thought that counts but I think that's insulting. I'd rather get a nice Christmas card from somebody than some odd "gift" that I have absolutely no use for. Like, "here is a sample deodorant, enjoy and Merry Christmas"......ummmmm, no thanks. Put some more thought into it so it actually does count or don't bother at all I'd say.
So I see that somebody had problems commenting on my blog. The comment option is never closed, I don't know why the comments don't always want to go through. I have noticed this myself sometimes when I answer comments. Usually the comment will go through if you hit submit one more time after it says that the comment did not go through. Does that make sense? Try that. I still have to approve the comments before they post to avoid getting spam.
I also had an entry pop up today that wasn't ready to be posted, I totally overlooked it (I'm having too much on my plate right now). It's an entry that I have been saving in my archives and I had it stored and dated for today although it's far from finished, it's actually been archived for almost a year. Maybe I'll have time to work on it before 2014 is over.
Yeah.....I'm stressed right now, I'm craving lots of food and I want to sleep instead of working and doing errands. I feel cranky today. I can't promise any consistent blogging until after Christmas.....there might be some days when I just don't have the time. Tis the season for feeling stressed! Heart from yesterday, I like to leave hearts in different places......


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Jeff on :

I could not comment on your last post, but I wanted to say I LOVE your silhouette selfie!

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