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So I had a situation the other night when I couldn't find my car key after work. I looked through my bag, searched my lockers, rummaged through my make up bag but the key was nowhere to be found. It was 4 30 am and I was tired and just wanted to go home. Since I have locked my car key in my car a few times in the past, last time it happened I was at work actually, there was a possibility that it was in the car although I had a strong feeling that it wasn't. So we called a cab so the driver could open my car for me. I searched my car thoroughly and did not find the key. Next thing was to take a cab home, grab my spare key and go all the way back to work......which I did. It turned out to be a quite costly venture in the end.
The next day I was occupied with thinking about how my car key could had disappeared. Did I leave it on the counter by my lockers while getting ready and somebody picked it up by mistake or on purpose? That night I had thrown my bag in an empty locker with no lock on it since my lockers are full and I had a bulky jacket and a scarf in my bag that would not fit in one of my lockers. Did somebody go through my bag and take my car key? Not that I want to think that anyone I work with would take anything but stuff like that does happen. A long time ago I had some items go missing at work, a shirt and two outfits. Well, last night when I got to work I started the night by searching the dumpster outside the club, I realized that dumpster diving (although I did not actually go inside the dumpster) is not for me. Then I looked through my lockers again and found the car key. Wedged inside a box that I happened to have in my bag the other night. Wedged so tightly that it didn't rattle or was immediately visible when looking at the box straight on. And the other night at 4 30 am I was tired and stressed when looking for my key, so I just didn't see it.
Even Boss Lady had concerned about me and the whole key thing. She did not think it was like me to lose anything and was worried somebody maybe had followed me home or tried any foul play. But no, I was just having a blonde moment, that is my explanation to the whole ordeal.
I went and had a spare key made the following day, so now I have two spare keys, just in case. Lesson learned. I'm going to try to be more attentive to details in case anything goes missing again and not jump into any hasty conclusions. I'm just glad to have my car key back.


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B on :

It would not be right to go dumpster diving without pictures - even if it is not you.

Tatiana on :

Taking pics while dumpster diving was far from my mind, I just wanted it to be over with.....

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