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Cramped For Time

I really felt cramped for time today, woke up, went to Kaladi, took care of a bunch of errands in town, the gym, home to eat. Now it's completely dark outside, not even the moon is out, it's hiding somewhere behind the clouds. I'm going to get dressed and take Chhaya out for a walk despite the darkness, I'm going to put a blinking light on her collar and grab a flashlight. After the walk I need to start getting ready for work. Phew......and be there until at least 4 am or so, unless we close early, before I can go home and go to sleep.
It's is so cozy at Kaladi right now, they have a fire going. I just want to sit there all afternoon.

I forced myself to go to the gym, it's not easy to feel enthusiastic about that.....I rarely do.
But afterwards I always feel good about going plus healthy and strong.

Next week I have a facial booked in Anchorage and while I'm there I hope to get most of my Christmas gift shopping done. I also have a gift certificate for a massage to redeem here in town, I might take that massage next week. OK, time to get dressed and venture out in the dark.

This evenings walk was a hit. Chhaya gets super excited over anything that blinks and she loves flashlights. I think we have to do the after dark walks more often.


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