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Cyber Monday

So far I am having a great start of this week. I got the body chain I have been wanting for a while for 20% off because it's Cyber Monday today, some big online shopping day from my understanding. I don't do a lot of online shopping because you can't try the stuff on.....but the few items I have bought online I have been happy with. Wait, with one exception. A few years ago I got a pair of pants and they were too big.....and expensive. Too bad cause they are bad ass looking. I wish I could wear them but they sag on me.
This will be my third body chain from TatiRocks. I love my body chains, I get lots of compliments on them.
Well, today the snow was falling, completely gray out and windy. I took Chhaya out for a long walk and we still enjoyed ourselves. It definitely feels and looks like winter now. I'm feeling kind of cozy today, I feel like my house is a warm and comfortable cocoon.

Then I got a few more things done today, instead of being lazy I scratched stuff off my to do list today. It's only 8 PM and my night is just starting.....


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Savannah on :

Update on our friends in Kodiak...license got revoked. I tried to share the article but cant. If you google it I'm sure you'll find it ;-)

Tatiana on :

I was going to write about that next....found out this evening too....
Thanks for keeping me posted though!

Annette on :

That is so cute :-) and Bark magazine!

Tatiana on :

Yes Bark noticed!

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