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People have fucking problems. What is WRONG with some of them? I'm reading about that sick freak Joran Van der Sloot (even the name is disgusting) and that he might have been stabbed in the Peruvian prison he is doing time in for murdering a young girl. Most likely he murdered another too and maybe others but so far only one victim is known for sure.
So yeah.....I'm reading that he might have been booooohooooo poor Joran, next time somebody should stab him fatally in his crotch and let him bleed to death.
And while reading about this I learn that some dumb woman decided that she had to marry this murderer and became pregnant by him. I don't know how old she is and if she already had the baby, all I know is that she has some serious issues. What? Is there a shortage of men out there? Good pick for a father, fantastic! Fun for the child growing up. One great example of a human being making an extremely poor choice in picking who to reproduce with.
She should not be allowed to have any more children, she obviously has some serious issues. What the fuck.....I'd rather be single and without sex for the rest of my life than to have kids with some guy doing time for murdering women.
One more thing while I'm typing away and feeling motivated. What is up with young girls and women joining, or wanting/trying to join ISIS? Like non Muslim women willing to convert and travel to wherever ISIS is holding down fort.....Iraq and Syria I guess. Is your life so shitty that you want to join an inhumane terrorist group like ISIS? Why? So you can be pawned off to some man that will use you as a breeding cow and discard you when he is done with you? Maybe stone you or slit your throat the day you say or do something that he does not like or when you start being a nuisance to him? Really now? Wake the fuck up! I have NO words for ISIS and people that approve of any kind of behavior like that or similar to that. Torture, rape? Beheading innocent journalists and aid workers on camera? Yea, I watched some of it......made me sick and very very sad. How can you do something like that to an innocent person? How? It makes me want to scream......HOW, explain to me! I don't even know why ISIS is roaming free and at large still. Putin should gear up and drop some bombs on them, seriously now Putin. Get started already! I know Putin if anyone has the balls to do it.
Maybe ISIS should capture a Russian, perhaps Putin will take action then. Convert or die? There is no room on this planet for "people" that believe in and practice such stuff. last thing and then I'm done. Irresponsible assholes that are supposed to be in quarantine because there might be a chance they have Ebola. But instead they go about their business like getting on the subway, flying, going out to eat.....whatever they have to do just because they are SELFISH. Stay the fuck in quarantine until the time is up. Thank you. If you can't do that then do not work with Ebola patients. Pick some other profession. This whole Ebola thing is crazy. Duncan's family seem to be delusional, complaining about the treatment he received at the hospital here in the US. Really? Not good enough? I'm sure he would had received top notch treatment in whatever country he came from in Africa, maybe he would had still been alive if he would had stayed there, don't you think? Instead he chose to fly here and put a bunch of people at risk for Ebola. I would had been livid if I was one of the health workers subjected to having to treat him. If you come here from another country and don't like the health care, school system, local language, that women have rights, whatever it is that you might have a major problem yourself and everybody else a favor.....consider going back to where you came from if things are so much better there. Yes, you can complain and bring up topics to discuss....society always has room for improvements but if things are so bad here in the US and all you do is complain.....well fuck.....leave then. Or do something good and work for positive changes, don't just sit around and complain.
And maybe people in some places in Africa should consider eliminating certain things like human beings and apes from their diet. I don't know how Ebola came about exactly, I'm not a doctor or a medical student but there are certain things you just don't eat. I don't care how hungry you fruit or maggots, SOMETHING besides human flesh and/or monkeys/apes that we are supposedly closely related to. There is a reason for that not supposed to be part of our diet. Just like there is a reason for why we should not reproduce with a close relative. I can understand certain circumstances like that plane crash in 1972, the Andes flight disaster. Those people ate the perished to survive.....or they would had died.
But to practice cannibalism in this day and age because......well, what IS the reason? You just fancy the taste of human flesh or do you believe it will do something amazing for you to eat brains, like increase your stamina or libido or some lame beliefs like that? What? If I EVER visit any African country I'm eating grain, fruits and vegetables only. That I pick myself.
They served human meat and brains in some restaurant there recently, it was on the menu.
No wonder we have diseases like Ebola, it's some kind of a mutant sickness. BARF! Disgusting.

Why would anyone willingly eat this? I firmly believe that a lot of our diseases stem from eating too much meat. Absolutely. People that need meat, think they need meat everyday (because they are brain washed) are kind of gross to me. Chomping down on a bloody steak.....YUCK.

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Mumintrollet on :

What do you think about the legalization of weed in AK?

Tatiana on :

You beat me to it....I was going to write something about that.
Although I did not vote, overall I think it's a good thing....that marijuana is legal in AK now.

Annette on :

I agree totally about the Ebola thing. Being a healthcare worker I would quarantine myself regardless. The last thing I would want to be known for.... is starting an epidemic in Minneapolis. I love your rantings :-)

Tatiana on :

Right? I would think it is the responsible thing to do.
I'm least SOMEBODY appreciates my ranting!

Mr.B on :

Dear Ms. T,
No one does a costume like you do! Chaya is a pretty amazing second place though. I am sure she knows she is first in your eyes.
And I like your rants. They are real - and truth is difficult to find these days - along with a good fashion show!

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