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Lara Croft and Kitty Cat

Phew......I finally went through and picked out (for here) all my Halloween pics and I took many. So Friday (Halloween) I got to work and only two girls were dressed in costumes (and pretty boring ones too) so I did not feel any kind of Halloween spirit at all. And at the beginning of the night the vibe in the club was negative but that changed later on. I too changed, after a while I decided on Lara Croft. It was so smokey in the club and I did not want to wear the other costumes because of that. I can hand wash the Lara Croft outfit quickly.
In real life that costume looks bad ass, the pics do not do it justice (lights and camera quality play a part too). People loved it OF COURSE! (Sharon almost fell of her chair when she saw me). What's not to like.....? It's Lara Croft!

Saturday night it was still Halloween for me, in Vegas it's Halloween weekend and that's how I do it too. I don't care about what anyone else thinks.....obviously. So I went as a kitty cat.
So simple but yet very cute. Black paint, cat ears and gloves with my own twist. I suspect it's one of the more popular and common costumes for girls on Halloween, I was popular anyways.....

I got home to a sleeping Chhaya, she couldn't care less about me and my selfies. I washed off my cat nose and whiskers and went to bed. I love dressing up (or down).....Halloween is so much fun!


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Annette on :


Tatiana on :

Mjau.....and purr....

Paul on :

Wow! You look great in that Lara costume! You should make a video and upload to YouTube ;-)

Tatiana on :

Thanks.....and the thought crossed my mind....I know that there is a huge interest out there for stuff like that.

mandy on :

Shoulda brought Lara Croft to Winner.

Tatiana on :

LOL - I can only imagine.....
I don't think I want to waste Lara Croft on the Winner crowd.

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