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Can't Pick

I have an urgent First World problem, I can't pick my Halloween costume for tonight!
So.....I have three to chose. Farm girl, I actually found this dress in Omaha and it's super cute!

I did not have a basket so I found one today at Rick's 2nd Hand. Then I made it look more Halloween-ish.

Butterfly Princess......although my rhinestone tiara is nowhere to be found. It must be in Vegas. It's annoying to have my things divided in between two places.

Or Lara Croft. I was Lara Croft a few years ago and I LOVE her.

Maybe I should just do it like the celebrities (you now Kim K and other divas) and do costume changes. I mean, I am a celebrity too! You know, in my own head. Hmmmmm, not sure what to do. Such a dilemma! I also found out that my friend Reza is playing in Vegas tonight! That is a fun night I will be missing out on with some bad ass HOUSE music. Otherwise I would had LOVED to attend the party at PACHA NYC tonight......KEOKI is playing. I loooooove Keoki. There are so many fun parties going on......what the hell, I'm in Kenai.....what is WRONG with me? Oh well, regardless I will be looking great tonight. I have a feeling I will see both Reza and Keoki sometimes in the not so distant future anyways.


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paul on :

Do you have a photo of you in Lara Croft costume?

The 2nd farm girl dress looks very pretty.

Tatiana on :

I just now put some up......

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