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Why Mama June

Oh Mama June.....I'm so disappointed in you. According to the RUMORS, Mama June is ALLEGEDLY spending time with a man that did ten years in prison after being convicted of sexually assaulting one of her four daughters. He did time, that is a FACT.
Why Mama June, why? There are so many other men out there. Why do you have to go back to the one that did this to your own daughter? Even if you are not romantically involved with him again, why are you even spending time with him?
Statistics prove that sex offenders often re offend. My solution is mandatory chemical castration for rapists and child molesters. Actually forcible chemical castration is the law in Poland for child molesters (when they rape). GOOD!
I have watched "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" a few times, maybe four. I have marveled at Mama June and her family, the way they live and their habits of farting, burping on camera and on top of each other and being rather distasteful in general but at the same time they seemingly have lots of fun and are full of love. When the cameras roll at least. I also admired mama June's dedication and knack for couponing, I have written about that before. TLC has since this information about Mama June spending time with the child molester ex boyfriend stopped the show. They packed up and got out of Mama June's house quickly.
It's always so surprising and sad when women do this to their own children. Pick a man over the safety and well being of their own child/children. Once you become a parent your child is the most important person in your life. Not a boyfriend or a girlfriend. Mama June is far from the only Mother making a choice like this. I have read, heard and personally seen plenty of examples of unfit Mothers or unfit parents in general. I don't have kids, first and foremost for selfish reasons and secondary for the reason that I believe this world is over populated and not safe.....why would I want to contribute to over population or subject my child to the evils of society? But I do know that if I had a child I would be an amazing Mom. I just know. That is just my natural way of being. Maybe one day I will have a child, or maybe not. Right now I have my baby Chhaya.
I can't stand people that mistreat their children. Monday evening on the plane ride from Anchorage to Kenai some young Mom that I suspect had a few too many drinks (cause she was so loud) was proudly telling everybody within earshot that she won't quit smoking because it's the only thing that keeps her from strangling her two year old daughter. She was also not happy to be going back home to see her annoying kid. Now who talks like that about their own child to strangers? Sure, kids are a handful and many Mom's are overworked and tired but come on now! She did not sound like she was lovingly joking around about her little terror, she sounded fed up and like the cigarettes were her only joy left in the world. Trashy, trashy behavior. Poor kid having to grow up with a "Mom" like that. I'm sure she attracted an equally stellar man to mate with. Why people are allowed to reproduce without passing a mandatory parenting test with flying colors is mind boggling.


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