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Tired Old Ass

It's not even 9 PM and my tired and old ass is already in bed, like a retired grandma. I should be ashamed over myself.....dancing at my ancient age! How dare I? ;-) I mean, I can barely stagger around on stage without my cane.
I got some mineral bath salts at Whole Foods called "Tired Old Ass". Perfect, like made just for me! Thought I would try it out. Got some for Mandy's tired old ass too.

I got my autumn decoration out of the box today. I only have one here in Alaska, this glass pumpkin. In Vegas I have a box full of autumn and Halloween decorations. Went into town for my latte from Kaladi, got my mail, did errands....found some chocolate I decided to try. Something called "Bapchi's Caramel Toffee Bar", I like trying new chocolates out. This one was OK but far from the best chocolate I've had.

Recent pic of my old self. Enjoy and admire!


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