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Spring is here........!

The winter was long and dark. There were some weeks in January that were very cold. But still, it was manageable, Tatiana is officially an Alaska sourdough now! Meaning, someone that stayed up here a winter. It wasn't THAT bad. If Tatiana had been living in Fairbanks, it would had been a different story, it get's really cold there, how do people live in Fairanks during the winter Tatiana wonders........?
But now Spring is here, Tatiana went out in her pink Havaianas flip flops today, she wears flip flops every day when it's warmer out. Last week Tatiana was still bundled up in her big down jacket and now she wears a hoodie and flip flops.
This is great! Tatiana is looking forward to Spring and Summer! She is prepared for another snowfall, just Winter saying bye....but Spring is here now.


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Mr.b on :

If Tatiana lived in Fairbanks than Fairbanks people would live well all winter long. Now they just dream. Tatiana is Spring all year. Life is more difficult where Tatiana is not.

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