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Torture Machine

Went back to the gym when I woke up today and got back on the torture machine. Of all the cardio machines I've tried, it's the one that makes me sweat the most and I feel like I'm really working out. It's a stair master, it's that high one that you have to climb up on. I call it the stairs of torture.....I used to do 30 minutes on it when I lived in Vegas. Always level 4 and the Fatburner option. Now I do 15 minutes. Then I have to quit.

Since I don't have a scale at home and there only is some old outdated scale that I don't trust at the gym I (sometimes) go to in Kenai I made sure to find out what I weigh as of lately. 133. Or maybe 132 since I was wearing clothes when I stepped on the scale. It converted into kilos too, 60.5. Whaaaat??!! Unacceptable! This means it's time to go on an all liquid diet combined with daily enemas and lose at least ten pounds immediately! ;-)


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