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Today I had a really bad headache.....what did people do back in the day before the invention of aspirin and such? Chew on bark or just suffered through it? I woke up with a lingering headache, didn't pay it much attention. Met up with my friends Nancy and Jim at Kaladi......

Then I went ahead and continued with my errands. I'm like a soccer Mom, doing errands all day long, sans the kids. By the time I was in line at Fred Meyer waiting to pay for my groceries all I could think about was to breathe calmly and get home as fast as possible so I could take an Excedrin. And when I got home I did just that and curled up in bed. I forced myself to get up about an hour ago and made a Greek salad, I needed to eat something. I most likely got a headache from all the smoke at work last night that I got exposed to, second hand smoke is disgusting.

I scored three bags of bread ends today at Odie's Deli. They give them away for free and I give the bread to the animals. Birds and squirrels. And all the other food scraps that I do not consume, like vegetable and fruit peel and such I throw outside in the forest, I'm sure some kind of animal will eat it.

I have a mama moose and her baby basically living in my yard since a while now. Super cute and not scared of me and Chhaya at all. If anything I'm the one that is scared of the mama moose. They eat the grass and sleep here at night. The mama was so close to the window yesterday that I could had reached out and petted her. In fact I am watching them right now from where I am sitting in the kitchen, they are eating and eating. At least they are safe here, nobody will bother them in my yard. I put out some apple peels for them the other day and they gobbled them up.

So cuuuuuute! Well, I have to get dressed now and take Chhaya for a walk. Clear my lungs with some fresh air.


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Jeff on :

That is so amazing. You are so lucky!

Tatiana on :

Yes! Although I have to make sure the mama's are not in defense mode when me or Chhaya are walking in and out of the house.

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