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HEJ means Hello/Hi in Swedish.
Tatiana has been pretty much busy all day today, since 8 30 this morning. In stripper time, that is an ungodly hour, unless Tatiana is out dancing and is just leaving the party to go to another party or going home. She needed to take care of lots of things today and accomplished quite a bit. Like her taxes. Tatiana heard that paying taxes is against The Constitution, is that so? If you have any info about this or if you live by it, e mail Tatiana with the info please.
Regarding taxes......some of Tatiana's thoughts are....... Ok if the money is used to pay for things that pretty much all of us use like roads, streets, public transportation (it's a good thing), parks, schools and free healthcare for everyone! Tatiana is not ok to fund wars and bailouts and The Octomom- she didn't make the choice to go to war, if anything she wishes there were no wars. Remember, Tatiana grew up in Sweden, pretty much free healthcare, unless you go for some kind of a plastic surgery, then you pay out of pocket, for example boob implants. Did Tatiana suffer terribly by growing up in Sweden, this "scary, socialist country" where people can get free higher education and not worry about hospital bills of they break a leg or get cancer? Hardly. Like, who gets sick on purpose or breaks a limb on purpose anyway? Not many. But since Tatiana considers herself a Global Citizen, she left Sweden to experience the world. The world needed Tatiana's presence and boobs! But she tries to go back and visit Sweden every so often.

Speaking of Sweden. Today Tatiana saw a commercial with Conan O'Brien, she loves Conan, he is so funny and so very cute. He has a great commercial out, and yes........Sweden is mentioned in it.
You should see it too!

Hej Hej!


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Ulrika on :

Yes we love sweden:)
I am so glad I dont have to pay much for my healthcare. I really dont understand how people afford that in the US. But of course there are many other thing about US that is greate.


Herr D on :

careful with the IRS. remember they couldn't get Al Capone for stealing, murder, racketeering, drug running, or prostitution. The only way to get him in prison was to sic internal revenue on him. since they bring in the money they get the goods to hunt people down. Lotta guys in jail for the "against the constitution" argument. Lotta guys cash siphoned out of their bank accounts too without any warning. There are alot of useless bureaucrats in government that you can mess with but messing with revenuers can wreak havoc on personal freedom if you are not always right.

Tatiana on :

HI Herr D,
Tatiana knows about Al C. And Tatiana is not worried. Tatiana thinks that things sometimes need to be questioned, especially if they don't seem right. Otherwise things don't change.
Thanks for reading Herr D!

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