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Rape Gang

Just a quick entry before I head out for my latte and start my day. And this is not Burning Man related. Although I can add some thoughts about Burning Man to it now that I think of it.......
At Burning Man you can saunter around naked or in different stages of undress all you want. The majority of people do not care, after being around naked people that act like it's the most normal thing in the world being becomes normal. And I like that. Plus I am so used to nudity.
I was biking around in shorts, skirts or sarongs and either a small shirt or some sort of a sports bra. Do you hear of sexual assaults at Burning Man? I haven't but I guess they happen (although I am pretty sure it's very rare). I have been twice now and never felt even the slightest uncomfortable because of somebody else's behavior towards me. And I never witnessed anything inappropriate, as in another person being assaulted in any shape or form. Miraculously people at Burning Man seem to get along great. Go figure!
So this morning I am reading about some rape gang in Afghanistan. Seven men that posed as police, stopped four women.....proceeded to rob them, beat them and rape them. One of the women was pregnant. Well, these "men" got sentenced to public hanging. And I am glad.
That is exactly what should happen to them. It's probably not their first time raping women.
In some countries like Afghanistan and India you hear about these gang rapes on girls and women and then the perpetrators get away with a slap on the wrist, or some ridiculously low sentence. Because rape is the norm, it's probably the women's fault know for having a vagina. Finally they get some kind of a justice, a message to all the other men walking around just waiting to attack and rape women. What should be noted here is that they most likely got hanging because of the robbery, not the rape. But they still get to die - GOOD!
What I find so very interesting is this, "Under the Taliban's harsh version of Sunni Islamic law, women were forced to wear the all-enveloping burqa, banned from jobs, and forbidden even to leave the house without a male chaperone. Rape and violence against women and girls was rife, according to Amnesty International, which says that Afghan women are still routinely discriminated against, abused and persecuted."
From what I understand women wear that ridiculous burqa to protect themselves from a man's desire (I guess some men can't control their desire) and even when wearing that burqa that covers them from head to toe, they get raped! Here in the US and other CIVILIZED (compared to Afghanistan obviously) countries I can walk around an event with thousands of men present, showing LOTS of skin and people look me in the eye when I talk to them.
So I guess that damned burqa isn't serving it's purpose after all?
And then people like these men with no form of understanding for how to behave, no respect for women because that's ingrained in them since childhood, try to leave places like Afghanistan to go to a country like Sweden for example where women and men are equal, sure some wage gaps still exist and yes women get sexually assaulted and raped there too, to be politically correct her. But that women routinely feel scared to go outside in Sweden because rape and violence against them is the norm.....that is not happening. Yet. Do I want men with absolutely no respect for women and children and animals for that matter to spread their filth in Sweden or the US? NO, I don't. Stay in Afghanistan and starve to death, I really don't give a shit to be honest. People like that do not deserve to live. And I certainly do not think that Sweden should take them in and pay for their existence, housing and food out our generous welfare system (that routinely gets misused and abused I think). Stay were the fuck you are, I don't want to be around you. Don't breed, try to get an education (if possible) and become a better human being. I know that there are many individuals out there that feel sorry for people with hardships and think Sweden should willingly and gladly accept every immigrant wanting to come in. But I do not agree with that, at all. Especially not since a fair share of them most likely have the rape gang mentality. And no, I am not a racist so don't even go there. I'm a REALIST. latte is beckoning me.


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Annette on :

Ahhh.....thank you for saying that!!!

Tatiana on :

;-) are things going with the mole?

Mumintrollet on :

Google "rotherham rape gangs".

Tatiana on :

"THERE are enough grim tidings from around the world that the news from Rotherham, a faded English industrial town where about 1,400 girls, mostly white and working class, were raped by gangs of Pakistani men while the local authorities basically shrugged and did nothing....."
THANK YOU Mumintrollet for that.....I will study it some more, that was just the first article I got.

mandy on :

Religious war, women being stoned to death, etc. That shit has been going on over there for thousands of years. They need to get it together already. From what I understand, when they come here as immigrants, they live tax free for 7 years. So they would open a business like a gas station, then have family come over and then they continue to pass it along, tax free. The families also all contribute and the funds are equally distributed between them all.

Tatiana on :

For being very sophisticated in certain areas of life, some people in the middle East and other countries where Islam is practiced are extremely backwards and barbaric. FGM, no rights for women (and here I 'm talking little or no rights at all), a disrespect for life in general, wanting death for non muslims (convert or die).....that's all I can think of for now.
Shiites against Sunnis - they even kill each other. Yes, getting their shit together is long overdue.
As far as the taxes go for the first 7 years, I have no clue about that. Nobody told me about that when I first came here, not even when I filed my taxes the first time.
I could had opened my own pussy spa and brought over my whole family! I missed out!

Jitterbeans Johnny on :

Well said, keep it up, U go girl. Oh & don't forget your Jitterbeans !!

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