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Remembering a thing at work last night......

So Tatiana just thought of something that happened at work last night while she was on the stage. We dance two songs on the stage, in case you don't know.
There was this obnoxious and to put in mildly, not attractive woman sitting at the stage. Pulling down her shirt to show the whole club that she had two dollars stuck inside her fat cleavage. Thinking that Tatiana would go and dig those dollars up with her perfectly glossed lips. First of all, Tatiana does not take dollars in her mouth. That is yucky and totally passe. Maybe that was hot in the early 90's. Not anymore.
We get this a lot. Women that come in to the club and think that we, the dancers, should be all over them, wanting to make out with them and feel them up just because they are women in the stripclub. Um, NO.
Then the lady, removed the dollars from her sweaty cleavage and started waving them around in the air, making sexy faces at Tatiana and putting her hand inside the stage. Creepy. Tatiana can be mean at times, and she will ignore any stupid behavior. Had this lady been more normal, Tatiana would had payed her attention. Besides, there was a nice guy at the stage tipping four 20's and a 5, that was more interesting plus all the other guys sitting there.
Tatiana sees naked girls all the time, if she was going to make out with a girl she would make out with a HOT girl. Like Britney (Spears that is), or Megan Fox or Gisele.

Here is a pic of Gisele Bundchen. Tatiana likes pretty, modely looking girls, pretty from head to toe.


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Anonymous on :

Yes. Girls should be hot!!! And that is a hot pic of Giselle.
mmm. Jag hade lite killdrama i fredags. Kan tyvärr inte skriva om detaljerna på min blogg.

Kraam! xoxoxo

EV on :

wait, what? I thought Tatiana liked butch girls. did something change?

Tatiana on :

Tatiana still loves butch girls.........nothing like a butch to give Tatiana butterflies! But it has to be the right butch.......

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