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Ashed in

Well, it finally happened........not that Tatiana is thrilled about it or anything...... but the ashes from Mount Redoubt's eruptions finally blew to Anchorage.
Tatianas day started off normal, she got up early to get a pedicure. Her toenails were getting way too long. Though last night somebody admired Tatianas feet and called them "high society feet". LOL.
After the pedi, color pick grey sparkly steele in case you are curious, Tatiana went to eat at Middle Way Cafe, very good as always. Then a quick stop at the mall to pick up something from the MAC counter. After that Tatiana took Chhaya out for a walk. Then she got ready for work........
Pulling in to the parking lot she saw that there were no cars outside the club, a note on the door said that the club was closed due to the ashes from the volcano. Oh no! Tatiana shaved and lotioned up for nothing! No work tonight.......
So then Tatiana decided to go and get some groceries because who knows how long these ashes will lay around. You're not even supposed to be driving around.
BAH! Annoying!
Tatiana is spending the night at home, tv, ice cream, chips, cookies, tea and Chhaya.


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