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More thoughts on other people......just because it's FUN!

So what's new in the "celebrity" world? Tatiana knows you are just dying to find out. Hmmmmmm, ok here we go.......
Hot, naughty sexpot Jenna Jameson gave birth to twin boys. Proud Papa is Tito Ortiz, big muscle guy and UFC fighter. When Jenna was asked if she would let her daughter, if she ever has one, do porn, she answered that she would lock her up in the closet. Wonder if she would lock up her boys if they wanted to do porn? Still, Tatiana likes Jenna. Go Jenna!
Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer broke up. Again. Hopefully for good this time. He is just creepy Tatiana thinks. Really big head. Ben Affleck too has a big head and is creepy. But what do women see in John Mayer? Tatiana doesn't see it at all. He is just not that cute. Or anything else for that matter. Jennifer Aniston is better off without him. Being alone is better than being with him.
Britney is on tour, the tour is called "Circus", just like her latest album. Britney looks fantastic! Tatiana LOVES Britney!
Lindsey Lohan and Samantha Ronson are still fighting and loving each other. Awesomely dysfunctional. They are great, Tatiana would like to go clubbing with them. Maybe next time she is in LA.
Madonna and her new boyfriend Jesus. Funny name combo here. Jesus and Madonna. Match made in Heaven. So what that she is 50 and he is 22? Nobody is saying anything when an old geezer is stepping out with a hot, young girl. Hypocrites! Get with the times, it's 2009 you fogbones!
Rihanna and Chris Brown abuse scandal. Ok, Tatiana feels for Rihanna. It's not easy to get out of a relationship when you think you love somebody, even when there is abuse involved. Chris Brown looks just like a chimp whereas Rihanna is super pretty. And chimps are violent, remember? Tatiana would be angry too if her bf had an affair with his much older manager. Rihanna is the prettiest girl he will ever have.
The Octomom. Disgusting. She looks grotesque and swollen. And if she has more kids Tatiana will petition so that lady will be forced to have her tubes tied. 14 kids, what was she thinking? Oh, that's right......she wasn't.
Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston are not getting married after all. No, say it ain't so! Really? Sarah was just talking about a wedding while out on the campaign trail so she would not lose face. If they really wanted to get married they would had done so before Bristol squeezed Tripp out. Btw Tatiana heard a rumor months ago that little Levi was providing OxyContins in his high school. Don't know if there's any truth to that. But his Mom is currently awaiting trial on drug charges. Coincidence?
And who still wants Sarah for a potential president in four years? Oh, horrific thought! Tatiana is way better equipped for presidency than Sarah.
Vote for Tatiana NOW!!!


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