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A personal disaster has happened! My selfie machine is BROKEN! Oh....selfie machine = cellphone in my world. I take so many pictures of myself (OF COURSE) and Chhaya and other people and stuff too that I just renamed my phone the selfie machine. I dropped it too many times and the last time I dropped it, it cracked over the camera lens in the front so now I can't take selfies in reverse mode (if that makes any sense, not sure how to describe it better). I can still take pictures but the regular way. So I have been taking pics with my camera (I have two, a Sony and a Canon) but it's NOT the same because with the selfie machine the process is fast and easy if I want to upload a pic to the blog. With a camera I have to download the pics from the camera to my computer and then upload to the blog......arggggghhhhhhh! I need to find a selfie machine doctor in this village so the problem can get fixed PRONTO! Here is the cracked screen......

I went to work last night. It was a fun night, I met some very entertaining people that understood and appreciated my humor, they renamed me "Lady Borat". I LIKE! Not only were they funny they were also smart, after spending a couple of nights in the club they correctly pointed out the number one prostitute in all of Kenai (and it's NOT me in case you are slightly confused).
If you have seen Borat you know that there is a joke about the number four prostitute in all of Kazakhstan (his sister) and guess what, we have one here on the Peninsula as well! And they figured out who the number two prostitute is as well, spot on! Without any assistance from me. They also pointed out who the crazy tweeker is. It is getting THAT obvious. Many guys are noticing and talking about her irrational and psychotic behavior, it's kind of sad but hey.....everybody is responsible for their own life and their own choices. Look people, meth is BAD.....OK!?
I can also inform you that I have some job offers in Bismarck, North Dakota selling cars and being the number two boss in an office. I passed my job interview with flying colors. How? Simple, by being ME. DUH, what else is new? But Boss Lady is refusing to sell me......unfortunately. It looks like I'm stuck slaving away at the club here for a while longer......


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James M on :

Hey there! It was nice to see you in the club just prettying the place up!

Tatiana on :

Well, thanks for noticing!

jävla kvinnor on :

Sometimes like minded conversation is an experience not encountered to often and when it is encountered completely unexpected it seems to have an exponential expense or perhaps profit. I suppose that would be a debate of either left or right thinking of which I am uncertain.
Speaking of Borat, I think a met number 1 prostitute,"her vagine hang like sleeve of wizard " very nice? Pause Not! ;-)

Tatiana on :

What now? LOL

"jävla kvinnor" - great choice!

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