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My poor baby Chhaya had an incident last night (I should had went to work instead of staying home) but I think she is OK. I gave her a bath (not popular) and cleaned her up to the best of my ability, made sure she felt warm, safe, cuddled and loved. She is sleeping right now in the other room, laying in the sunshine that is coming in through the window. She actually has a vet appointment for Tuesday, that I made prior to the incident yesterday evening. I take her to the vet for check ups.....I think she will be fine until Tuesday. I wish I could speak her language, cause I don't know how she feels.

I also found a Mama Spider giving birth to babies on my carpet. YIKES! I guess the babies sit on the Mom's back and jump off when they are ready or something like that. I was not too happy to witness this. I took Mama Spider outside to a safe place and those black dots next to her are babies.....and I have to admit that I sprayed the carpet down with Lysol and washed it. I do not want spiders that size crawling around my house, I think spiders are very scary although I know they do good. Now, did somebody put a curse on me or is finding a large black spider that's giving birth a sign of plenty of good stuff coming your way?

I spent my night reading and learning new things. Like this for example.......

So I might have Neanderthal genes? That's why my forehead is flat, that explains it! I read up a bit about Neanderthals after finding that and I have misjudged them in the past, they seemed much more evolved than I thought. Never again will I insult Neanderthals when I compare annoying and dumb men I come across to them. It's not fair to the Neanderthals.
I am also a descendant of Genghis Khan, that explains my long hair, my temper and that I am very bossy. If you listen to me your life will improve because I know what's good.


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Annette on :

What happened to sweet Chhaya.....
I am in Kansas and haven't been on my ipad.

Tatiana on :

Chhaya was in a fight.....
Very scary but she has recovered fine.....

Mandy on :

Dog fights are so traumatic to them I think. :-(
Spiders are good luck in the afternoon and evening. Or so I've read.

Tatiana on :

I think so too....that they get traumatized.....not to mention that I got traumatized! LOL

Annette on :

I am so sorry :-(......for both of you I know how awful that is. We tried the dog parks here and each time it was not good... xoxo from Jax and Annette

Tatiana on :

Dog parks can be scary places.....

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