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Yesterday I woke up to this message. And you can also see my response.

Some people know and appreciate quality. Am I going back to whatever place this might be?
I don't know yet. And I am not going to tell you where this is until I go, if I go. I know that some dancers do not want to share this club with other dancers, they want it all for themselves. I think the spots are limited too, there are only so many girls allowed to work.
I am obviously one of them. And it's not the first time I have heard something like this from other clubs/owners. Strip club owners and/or managers should know quality, I would think it is in their best interest (unfortunately for them they do not always realize this). I have always said......quality over quantity. There is a "girl" working at the club here right now that has absolutely no business being a "dancer" or whatever she might be referring to herself as.
She clears the stage and scares people away. That does not leave a good impression or a good memory of the club. And you want people to come back. Not flee in horror.
I am sooooo tired and very glad I escaped from work early tonight. I was really not in the mood to work but did it anyways and thought I was going to either fall asleep from boredom and lack of a fun outlet earlier. There were a bunch of boring people and men old enough to be my great grandpa in there tonight. FOGBONES! I'm so happy to be home and in bed.
Oh when I ran into Nancy and Honey yesterday, Nancy told me that she heard that I had been on some boat in Kodiak working. She said that Honey had been concerned for my safety. Nancy said that she told Honey that Tatiana is the last person you have to be worried about. She said that if anyone would try to do something I am not OK with I would probably kill them first and then contact the Coast Guard. That's right! I am glad that somebody knows me well! It's true, if somebody would try to hurt me or do something weird to me they would regret that very much. I am not the timid type.
But I am almost falling asleep while typing this......I need to take out my contacts and curl up and sleep. Maybe cuddle with Chhaya first. Isn't sleep one of the best things ever?


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claudia on :

Lol....running away scared in horror!!! We have both wittnessed this too many times! I still have nightmares from the dancer in vegas that was wearing a big maxi pad in her panties!

Tatiana on :

Ooooh yeah....the maxi pad lady. This memory was so traumatic that I had almost forgot about it.....Yeah people, not all Vegas dancers are super glam. Some wear maxi pads in their underwear at work.....or maybe it was some Depends? Either was definitely interesting!

Mandy on :

Oh. My. God.

Tatiana on :

OMG moment for sure.....I had almost forgot about that!
Ha ha......yep.

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