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I got so happy yesterday when I found a place here that served hot borscht.....not my Moms Polish style barszcz but still beet soup and it was so good that I had two bowls. And the chleb (bread) was good too, that is very important!

Besides that....I'm working. So far so good and that's all I have to say about that for now.

I went on a quick boat trip today.....landmark bridge in the background. Maybe you can guess where I am now?

My new million dollar temporary home and view....

And I need to find a place with WiFi......Safeway connection is unstable, so says my laptop.
I have been blogging through my phone and it's not the same. Now I'm going to see what's on today's menu food wise and later work......starting at 9 pm.


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Mumintrollet on :

Have you seen the strip club reality show Topless Prophet?

Tatiana on :

I actually caught some glimpses of that show last month when I was at work and I read a bit about him.
The clubs are in Detroit, my friend Mandy has some interesting stories about working in Detroit......maybe she can share a few here.

DrM on :

You are in Kodiak, working at the Ship's bar. The plane and the bridge are dead giveaways.

Tatiana on :

DrM knows his Alaskan landmarks!
:-) are right, I am in Kodiak. But I have never set my rhinestone platforms inside Ship's bar......

Annette on :

This is interesting and fun......where is our favorite Tatiana ;-) maybe you are on a ship!

Chloe on :

Are you on the "Wild Alaskan" boat?

Mumintrollet on :

Looks like that .

Mandy on :

Hola! Detroit is the scum of the US. $50.00 blow job from a girl who gets stuffed in a dog crate if she doesn't make enough money? You got it! Getting your face pulled down into a massive vagina bush while the boyfriend slaps his wiener on your butt? You got that too! If you are really lucky, you'll be a blonde hiding because OJ Simpson is sitting at the bar with his gigantic melon...oh wait he's in jail. What's that smell? Rotten VAGINE and dried man juice. Mmmmm. You heard Houston was the hooker/stripper/pimp capital? WRONG! Hey, at least the bouncers are on mass doses of steroids, ya know, to keep you safe...that is until they rough up the wrong ghetto thug who comes back to shoot up the place. Can't forget to mention an old washed up Baywatch star that is in the club visiting the owners son...where did they meet? Rehab! Cocaine is a helluva drug.

Tatiana on :

We should try Detroit. ...I want to save the trafficked dancers and visit 8 mile.

Mumintrollet on :

You need to tag team with Mandy, wherever you go, good blogging.

Tatiana on :

Me and Mandy have been talking about teaming up for a while now.

Mandy on : would be great because you can speak something other than English. So many options. Undercover CIA....maybe trying to find abducted sisters..whatever. Some regular gumshoes!! Might catch a little heat from the pimps though :/ Lol
AH! That reminds me! I had a guy going once. Told him I used to be in the military and that now I was undercover for the FBI investigating the strip clubs for drug trafficking.

Tatiana on :

I come up with similar stories too.....usually I work for the KGB or Interpol, out on a secret mission. Using my female charms. Ha Ha.

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