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Hanging out with Kennedy

Sunday night around 9 pm here and Tatiana is at Kennedys house with Chhaya. Chhaya loves visiting Kennedy. They just ate some delicious quinoa tacos and had some tarts for dessert. Food is fun! Desserts even more fun.
It is Monday tomorrow but Tatiana rather it not be. She has a few things she needs to take care of this week that she had been putting off. Tatiana can be really good, or rather really bad, at procrastinating. She can put things off though she knows very well it would be in her best interest to get them done. So hopefully this coming week she will get some of the stuff taken care of. Bleh........
While writing this, Tatiana is also doing her laundry next door.

You are dying to know about the vagine hair design, right?
Well, as soon as the laundry is done, Tatiana and Kennedy are going to put down a pink sheet on the living room floor and get to work. Tatiana is tempted to try a new design down there, instead of the conventional cropped landing strip. How about a bright pink heart? That would be cute Tatiana thinks. Or a star?
Kennedy is not sure what she wants yet. A purple lightning bolt? Or a propeller, since she loves aviation so much!? The excitement regarding the designs is building up. Maybe this can become a new career? We can travel around the country designing vagines!
Who said girls that work together at the club don't get along? Tatiana and Kennedy get along great.
So now you need to make sure you come in to The Bush asap to inspect the new designs!


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